Thursday, 28 March 2013

Whimsical Batiks...

  Batiks can add an air of originality to your quilts! 

Usually they are a bit more expensive than other quilting cottons, but they add a vibrancy of colour to your quilts.  For me, I appreciate the fact they can be used on either side of the fabric - no right or wrong side!

Sometimes we see the colours but forget to see a close up of the fabric.  There is an ebb and flow within this fabric type, unlike a printed cotton.  

The batik being shown on this blog post is, 'Lion' a Bali Batik by Hoffman.  Now for the whimsy...

Overall, I 'see'... the warm, tawny colour of a lion, dappled by the shade of a lone tree on a hillock- his mane, being gently lifted by the lazy wind.  

I also 'see' individual patterns (like looking at clouds) of a man and maybe a baboon. 

On Safari with Mrs P?
Other batiks will invoke us to 'see' water movement, or maybe the sky shot with pink on a glorious summer evening.

Quilters create beautiful projects.  No matter your skill level- consider batiks to add that 'something special' to your  quilt.  

Next time you reach for a batik- 'see' what you feel!  It could be your inspiration !



  1. Curious minds want to know when this quilt shop is going to be open to the public?

    1. Hi Christine,
      Originally, the bricks & motor store was not going to be operational until September- it is now looking more like July/August. On line/ email orders are being filled now. Hope that helps! Beth

    2. Ummm...mortar not motor- although I do like motoring and motor cars ;)