Thursday, 21 March 2013

To Whet your Appetite...

...Chinese Take Out...

I do have more fabric arriving.  Slowly, but steadily!

This allows me to try and figure out how to display the fabric without it all being bunched together.  I want to have the area set up like Mrs P's sewing room - so there will be space to do projects and have workshops built into the shop.   

The location will be the Clocktower Building in downtown Amherst, Nova Scotia and I will do a post later on the building. 

There has been some questions about bring in some Asian inspired fabric I thought I'd tease you with some of the prints from the Chinese Take Out (by Northcott) line. 

Teamed with your imagination- these would be awesome in a quilt- especially for hard working student or a 20 something starting out.  It's fun, vibrant and slightly quirky.

If you are interested in fat quarters of these fabrics and/or a couple of matching batiks- please email and we can arrange pricing.  Or bigger sizes...

Enjoy your day!  I'll be back with another post soon.


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