Saturday, 20 December 2014

Thank you! ...

Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc is now on Christmas/Holiday  Hours.  Instead of having a complicated open here, closed there, schedule, the shop will reopen Wednesday, Jan 7th 2015.

Joan of Arc statue in Paris, 2014

Thank you for all your support and kind words this past year.  Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!  

Effiel Tour, Paris 2014

The shop may be reached via email: if you have any inquires over the holiday season. 

Versailles Palace, France 2014

The pictures have no bearing on anything quilting, except to remind me how good blue and gold go together. :)  They are my pics from this past year.  

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris 2014

I hope you enjoyed them.  I may post more of where I got to on all those Saturdays off, this summer!  

Again, have a wonderful Christmas! 

Friday, 12 December 2014

Sat hours this week!

Just a quick note to remind you, Mrs P's is open thus Sat from 10:30 am til about 2 pm.

Frozen ....

Also a check to see if the pictures are posting. :) 

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Frozen fabrics now available!

It's here! Some of the Frozen fabrics ordered have arrived! 

There is a 'Sisters' panel...

A 'Skater Toss' with sparkles ...

And 2 other bolts with cast members...

Olaf got his own fabric!  

A quick post, but there are lots of you waiting for the news! 

Meanwhile, I cannot get the pics to load!  I'll try again tomorrow. Cheers!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Tea Towel or Cup Towel?...

How about Dish Towel? Whatever you call it...

Mrs P's now has toweling!  It's from Moda and is finished at 16 inches wide. How hard could it be to make a cup towel?

First, has anyone every measured one? Not me for sure! I laid a cup-towel I liked from home on top of the toweling and measured an inch extra on either end.  My towel was 25 inches, so I cut 27 inches.  

Using the original cup towel as a 'pattern', a simple rolled hem was used.  I marked 1/2 an inch in from the ends on the back side.  This is where the turn under will be for the hem. 

Pressing on the line and then another 1/2 inch is turned under and pressed. That's where that extra inch on each end goes- into the hem.  

Alas, my machine did not want to sew though all those layers, so the side seams were picked apart just far enough to be able to iron the hem.  In doing this, there is a tab of fabric that sticks out, so that's the part I cut off to allow the roll over hem lay a bit flatter and in turn, fit under the sewing machine. The mark 'disappeared' because I used a Frixxon marker that disappears in heat.  Good thing the press line stayed. 

Ready to sew, but now left wondering if to use red or white thread...the sides are red but the biggest area is white.  Hmmmm....

How about a variegated thread?  Yes! Then I won't have to worry about matching.  I picked a Silco by Wonderfil thread that Mrs P's sells.  Silco is a 35 weight {normal machine weight thread is 50} cotton thread.  It's thicker than the average machine thread but not as thick as some.  

Putting a different weight thread in your machine can seem to be daunting task.   I put it in and started to sew....the thread shredded, broke and in general - it was not a pretty picture. So, knowing this thread is thicker than the average, I loosened the tension on my pressure foot area and also loosened the thread tension.   I moved both off by one mark- just to see what would happen.  Zoom went the machine- I hit the magic combo right off! 

 I definitely need to start keeping a small notebook near the machine to write some of the hits and misses in it.  Experimentation is is fun, but there is no need to replicate the boo, boos.  :)  I learned in playing with 12 weight thread, that I needed to adjust ( loosen )  the tensions but I wasn't sure how much for the 35 weight.  If your sewing machine is sewing fine right now, make a note or put a mark where ' normal ' is on your machine- then you can get back to there, if you are experimenting with new kinds of thread or different layers of fabrics.  Remember too- if your machine is sewing nicely and then starts acting up- it might need a new needle.  

By now, you've also figured out, I made a cowboy cup-towel !  I think it's awesome.  Mrs P's also has a  green and red striped bolt of toweling.

Have a great weekend!  

Friday, 5 December 2014

Sometimes you just have to share...

Especially if it's fun! 

Mrs P's is a fun place to work.  That's probably not a secret to those that shop here.  As a previous post showed, making a charm pack garland is fun and easy.  Just arrived ...Monkey Tales by Moda... Only the charm squares, but oh, so cute.  Plain old string didn't seem 'fun' enough...but raspberry Jumbo rickrac did! 

I'm not sure where it will hang, but I know it's going up and will be fun !

New notions have also arrived...

Yes, BUTTONS!  Pricing ranges from $1.95 to $2.39 per package.  There are Hands, Teddy Bears, Houses, Paw prints, Pumpkins, Coffee cups and Jack O'Lanterns.  

Still with fun stuff, who wouldn't like a pair of good quality Thread Snips?

Still available in 3 fun, gree or orange.  They sell for $ 9.95 each. 

These really cool tags are also a  fun 'hot' seller this week....

Not all are still available, but a good assortment is still left.  They are the amazing price of 65 cents ($0.65) each!  Not to be out done, there are Hand Made tags too...

Still at $ 0.65 or 65 cents each. {  Ever wonder where the cent sign went? }

And the best part is...

Mrs P's will be open tomorrow- Sat Dec 6th from 10:30 am til around 2 pm!  

Enjoy your day and have fun!  :)

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Tree for Boston is lit tonight..

 A couple of weeks ago, a yellow truck arrived at the Visitor Information Centre in Fort Lawrence carrying a very special tradition...

No, not the red bow...

The Tree for Boston! 

Nova Scotia donates a holiday tree to Boston in memory of the help Boston gave Halifax during the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion.  

"December 6, 1917 is a day indelibly etched in the hearts and minds of the citizens of Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. On that Thursday the Norwegian vessel SS Imo, carrying Belgian relief supplies, and the French freighter SS Mont Blanc, carrying munitions, collided in Halifax Harbour, thereby creating what was then considered to be the worst man-made disaster in the world's history." from the NS archive site on the Halifax Explosion.

As sad as the events were, people came to help.   Especially the people of Boston.  It's only a tree but it means so much more.  With the tree, we send our thanks for events long ago and our well wishes for another year.   

Sorry, the post is not about quilting, except ...  Sometimes, your quilts are like the tree...they mean so much more because of the caring thoughts you have of the person as you make the quilt.  Quilts are not just for warmth, they embody your warmth and extend your hugs to the recipient. 

Friday, 28 November 2014

Having Fun!...

Meet a charm pack of Winterlude (3 Sisters) by Moda...

What to make that is simple, yet fun with them?....I know!  Let's make flags/pennants for the Christmas tree.

The pennant is easy.  Take a square, fold diagonally and sew up one side.  Here the 'chain' is in progress.  Once you get them sewn together....

Cut them apart and turn them right side out- getting a nice point.  The seam goes to the middle of the back of the pennant.

Then you press them.  To help centre the back seam, press the point sticking up on top - to the seam on the back and it will help give a regular shape to all the flags.

Next, what to attach them to?  I had this red flat cord on hand.  You could use ribbon, string, cord- whatever is on hand or easy to procure.  

The cord is laid on top of the flag, then...

The extra part of the flag on the top is tucked under the seam.  Then...

The flag is flipped over and now it's time to stitch the top of the flag down.  I stitched along the cord when there was no pennant. 

Looking at the back, there is now only a small area on each side that has exposed raw edges.

They ended up being added on in about 1 inch increments.  That wasn't planned- it just looked right.  All together the pennants are a little over 5 metres/yards long and about 8 or 9 flags per yard/metre.  
The ends of the cord have a simple knot tied in them.

Aren't they festive!  They are just fun.  Alas, they were still too big for the Christmas tree, but they look great here!   

Back to the drawing board or ironing board!...

2.5 inch squares! Or Moda Candy or a mini charm pack.  This one is The Boathouse (Sweetwater) by Moda.  Currently in stock, Christmas Countdown, Paisley Park, Patchwork Garden, Crazy for Red, The Lake House and The Boathouse.  All are by Moda and assorted fabric designers.  Mrs P's sells these mini charms for $5.95 each or 2 for $10.00. Please email if you need more info on what's available in stock.  There are too many 5" packs to name here. 

All neatly pressed...same method as above...but what to attach these to?  All the cord and small ribbon I had, seemed wrong...

Nothing, was decided upon!  The back corner is tucked in (as though going over the cord) and then the other part is rolled over, same as if there was a cord there, and stitched.  This time there is no cord, the flags are chain pieced and held together with the thread!  It was easier to sew these with their backs up. 

So, the tree is purple, but the size is right!  The thread also allows the flags to hang easier in the tree.
As an important note, if using cloth near a tree with lights, please use the cool to touch LED lights, not the bulbs in my pic, they will get hot and could pose a fire risk as cotton is a fibre, that can and will burn.

About 6 or7 empty stitches were 'sewed' between the pennants.   The end product is around 2.5 yards/metres long and about 6 flags in 12 inches.  

These were fun projects to sew!  When I get the mini one positioned better, I'll post a better pic of it.   The 'end product' could also be called, bunting or garland!

Remember, if you don't have access to charm packs, you may cut 5 inch squares ( or any size you would like)  from fat quarters or other yardage of your favorite prints.  One 5 inch width of fabric would yield 8 five inch squares...

Have fun! 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Chasing a Fun Tradition...

Every year since 1971, Nova Scotia donates a tree to Boston for their holiday season.  It is a thank you to the people of Boston from the people of Nova Scotia for the help Boston provided during the Halifax Explosion many years ago.  

Last year, I was all exited and ready to go see the 2013 tree to Boston go by on the Highway, when my plans fell apart, as the tree left via Digby.  This year, the tree is not only going by Amherst on its exit from the province, it's STOPPING at the Visitor Information Centre in Fort Lawrence for an official pit stop! 

I'm closing the shop early ( at 3pm) Tuesday to go see the tree.  It sounds 'sappy', but I've never seen the tree and I really think it's an important part of our Nova Scotia history and a great tradition.  The tree is scheduled to arrive between 3/3:30 pm.  

For more info or follow via Twitter @TreeForBoston 

Meanwhile, the table top using Halloween squares has morphed into enough squares for a lap size quilt.

Some Ghastlies by Alexander Henry have been fussy cut into the project as well.

And just to keep you up to date, Atelier (3 Sisters) by Moda have arrived...

There are some beautiful paisleys in this fabric line.  

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Trick or Treat? ....

For people that have not quilted before or have limited sewing hours, Mrs P's would like to share this 'quick' way to start making a simple quilt top...

Be warned that 'quick' is relative!  Time is still required to enhance your skill of quilting.

It starts with a 5 inch x 5 inch 'charm' square pack.  People like the 5x5 inch square packs with all the colours from one line.  They are simple, the colours work with each other and someone else has cut them already for you! ( quicker than cutting your own) If you are a beginner quilter, they are also a modest investment of $12.95 ( plus tax). 

Remember the baby quilt...

But beside making a quilt with 5x5 squares side by side, what can you do with them?...

For this project, 2&1/2 inch strips width of fabric (WOF)  were cut to go with the squares.  One strip had 8 single 5x5 squares sewn to it.

Then the stripes were laid out and the squares were cut off the strip- no measuring yet...

These 'squares' were then sewn on another strip and when cut apart...

They were rectangles and still no measuring!  The left corner has another strip folded waiting to add onto the long sides of the rectangle.  Again the new 'square' is added to the strip and then cut apart.  That lopsided square is then added to another strip and cut apart to form a frame around the original 5 inch square.  All without measuring...making it easier and quicker than measuring & cutting each side to frame the 5 inch square.

An easy way to add more fabric to those squares to make a simple quilt. 

By doing this, the original squares become the focus of the quilt and seem to float.   Your background fabric forming the frame also allows you to have a a less stressful time matching the seam lines of your blocks. 

As a different look,  here an 'unfinished' sqaure sits between finished blocks.  Note, the different look as each original square is surrounded by a 2&1/2 inch border.  Either way is fine- it's your creation!  

Witch Hazel by Riley Blake are the squares and there was only 21 blocks in the pack.  The frame fabric is by Alexander Henry and one of the Ghastlie backgrounds.  I may have added some other fun prints to make 24 Sebestian, the cat from the Ghastlies. 

To make 24 blocks, 1.25 metres in total of background was used. The block should finish at 9 inches but I sewed them on a machine that does not have a 1/4 inch foot so they finished at 8 & 3/4 inches, which for me is fine.  The key to this project is consistency in your stitching. 

I haven't put the squares together yet.  I was aiming for a table topper but it might have morphed into something bigger.  I'll post the final measurements and pictures soon.  

It's really can be that simple to start quilting! 

Trick or Treat!

Mrs P's and the 'Terrible' 2's...

Its hard to believe but Mrs P's is in 'her' 2nd year of business as a quilt shop!  That's pretty cool ! 

Thank you to all who have dropped in or emailed supporting the shop ( & me) with kind words of encouragements, gentle nudges to carry certain items and for purchasing items, no matter how small or big.  Purchases are obviously important for a shop but sometimes you just need to browse to get inspiration and that's okay, too.  I want you to feel comfortable in the shop and browse.  It's a place for you to come and enjoy yourself.  

I have also learned I like seeing what you have created!  I'm very envious of every finish but sometimes, someone will bring in a project in progress and that's really neat too. I will encourage you all to look at your 'works in progress' and try them again.  Why did you stop- you didn't like the colour choices, the blocks didn't go together as easily as expected or you got busy and forgot how much fun it is to create something yourself?  What ever the reason it got set down, I encourage you to pick it up and go a bit further on it.  

Just to put unfinished projects in perspective, Mrs P's started a Half Square Triangle (HST) blog post for you.

To make a 'proper' HST a pencil line is marked on the diagonal on one side...

A sharp pencil with a soft point is recommended.  I used a dull one, and sometimes it got hung up on the fabric and that's the 'pulls' you see on the white squares.  If you look even closer, one end took 2 or 3 lines to get to the point!  Somedays, you should just stop, but I persevered...

The one on the left shows shows the stitching a 1/4 inch from the pencil line with the lines fairly parallel.  If you look closer, you will see in my eagerness, I stitched right through the pencil line the 1st time.  I did that for 2 or 3 before, I clued in what I was supposed to be doing.  In my head- a line, whoopie!  I have something to sew on!  

The 2nd square shows another whoopsie.  On the 3rd one, parallel or 2 lines running side by side are more like converging lines and the 4th one seems to be reasonable.

Needless to say, I will continue to work on HSTs and when I am able to make them fairly proficiently, I will blog about them.  I share the above pictures so that you will realize, your quilting and piecing skills will not get better unless you practise!  It doesn't mean that I cannot do HST; it means, I am learning from my mistakes and practice is needed.  

Like in business, quilting takes patience and ground work or skills need to be worked on before the bigger quilt is made.  Take your time and enjoy quilting.  It is a wonderful way to find things out about yourself.  Being 2 isn't so terrible, as long as I keep learning!