Thursday, 28 March 2013

Whimsical Batiks...

  Batiks can add an air of originality to your quilts! 

Usually they are a bit more expensive than other quilting cottons, but they add a vibrancy of colour to your quilts.  For me, I appreciate the fact they can be used on either side of the fabric - no right or wrong side!

Sometimes we see the colours but forget to see a close up of the fabric.  There is an ebb and flow within this fabric type, unlike a printed cotton.  

The batik being shown on this blog post is, 'Lion' a Bali Batik by Hoffman.  Now for the whimsy...

Overall, I 'see'... the warm, tawny colour of a lion, dappled by the shade of a lone tree on a hillock- his mane, being gently lifted by the lazy wind.  

I also 'see' individual patterns (like looking at clouds) of a man and maybe a baboon. 

On Safari with Mrs P?
Other batiks will invoke us to 'see' water movement, or maybe the sky shot with pink on a glorious summer evening.

Quilters create beautiful projects.  No matter your skill level- consider batiks to add that 'something special' to your  quilt.  

Next time you reach for a batik- 'see' what you feel!  It could be your inspiration !


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Indroducing...The Flabbie !

Mrs P's Introduces...The Flabbie !
What's a Flabbie, you ask?
You know the feeling- you see a piece of fabric that calls out for you to take it home.  There is no project in mind- but something makes you pick it up...could be colour, the print or just the feel of it...There IS something special you can make with this- so you pick up a Fat Quarter and when the time comes to use that special's -just - not - quite - big enough...
The Flabbie is simply a 1/2 metre WOF or width of fabric.  In the States, it would be a 1/2 yard WOF.
Mrs P's believes in trying new things and challenging yourself to enjoy what you do, so we will be offering precut Flabbies along with Fat Quarters done in shop.
A Flabbie stretched out in it's full width!
Consider this cut { Flabbie } if you don't quite know what that special piece of fabric is for- it's more comfortable than a Fat Quarter!
            Something fun for today from...
Mrs Pugsley's Emporium, Amherst, Nova Scotia.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

To Whet your Appetite...

...Chinese Take Out...

I do have more fabric arriving.  Slowly, but steadily!

This allows me to try and figure out how to display the fabric without it all being bunched together.  I want to have the area set up like Mrs P's sewing room - so there will be space to do projects and have workshops built into the shop.   

The location will be the Clocktower Building in downtown Amherst, Nova Scotia and I will do a post later on the building. 

There has been some questions about bring in some Asian inspired fabric I thought I'd tease you with some of the prints from the Chinese Take Out (by Northcott) line. 

Teamed with your imagination- these would be awesome in a quilt- especially for hard working student or a 20 something starting out.  It's fun, vibrant and slightly quirky.

If you are interested in fat quarters of these fabrics and/or a couple of matching batiks- please email and we can arrange pricing.  Or bigger sizes...

Enjoy your day!  I'll be back with another post soon.


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Thank You !

Thank you!
Thank you to all that have...
stopped me on the street to talk to me about what I am doing...
emailed me encouraging words...
supported me by purchasing the fabric kit for Maritime Beauty...

arranging a trunk show/sale...
reading the blog...
and countless other ways that mean so much to me.
I still have some kits left.  The kits are all the fabric needed to make the Maritime Beauty by Karen Neary, as pictured below.  It makes a beautiful table topper.
Maritime Beauty c 2013 by K Neary
You may purchase the kit of fabric through the 'Material Goods for Sale' page at the top of the main blog page or directly off Sew Karen-ly Created web page.

you can make this!

Again, thank you for believing in Mrs Pugsley's Emporium.  This is only the beginning. 



Thursday, 14 March 2013

Material Goods for Sale

...Material Goods for Sale...

Hi again!  

I have been busy packaging up some kits for mailing but if you live locally, in Amherst- Nova Scotia, you can order them on line or via the email address and a pick up spot will be arranged ( since the actual bricks and mortar store is not yet open) . 

I believe, on the internet site, postage will be charged- but I will ensure that it is credited back to you, if the fabric kit is not mailed out, but hand delivered/picked up.  

I am very excited about this venture!  I was totally in the zone as I measured (twice or three times), cut (holding my breath each & every time) and folded ( three or four times to match all the sizes up). 

-Remember, pattern sold separately- 

Then out came the boxes....and the tissue...and the ribbon!  Who knows why we do what we do, but I wanted you to get a 'package' not just fabric.  It's like a present to yourself- so it should look good!

A real learning experience and it was fun humming along with the radio.

Mrs P's cutting table & the night watchman!

I have 2 cutting tables.  One is always for Mrs P, but the other, if not busy- can be for you to cut bigger pieces of your fabric on on or to have a workspace to trim things up.  I'm not sure how all of this will work- but I used to sew and the only place in my house for the pattern pieces was the floor- it worked great-nothing fell off- but my knees ached.  So again, if it's not in use by Mrs P- there is nothing to stop you from having a flat surface to play on.  No papers to salt, pepper, oranges,plants,radio are all things on my table at home.

As always, you can leave a comment below or email directly to  I'm trying to send back a reply to all the emails sent.  

If there is a product that has piqued your interest, beside the current kit- please email and check on pricing.  

It's been a wonderful experience to date.  If you are a local or a further away guild or group, that might be interested in a fabric table/trunk show, please let me know.  I would be able to do this in the Spring.

Ready for mailing...Pizza's up!

The fabric kit for Maritime Beauty designed by Karen Neary can be purchased by clicking across the top of the blog- I currently have it listed under...Material Goods for Sale...or check on Karens' site directly and click on patterns.  She does some pretty neat stuff. 

Have a wonderful day! 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Humble Beginnings...

Fabric for Maritime Beauty Kit
Taking a deep breath, Mrs P's put the wheel to the mat and starting cutting fabric tonight!  It's is very exciting but terrifying, never having done a kit up before or even cut material for selling !

The Kit is for Maritime Beauty by Karen Neary of  The pattern and actual piece may be viewed on her blog.  The centrepiece is awesome!

Mrs Pugsley's has put the fabric  amounts needed into a kit. 

Lots of gold & purples

It includes about 2 m of fabrics in 7 different colours.  It is being offered for sale on line only.  It can be mailed for additional charges. 

This is the price for the material only- it comes with or without the neutral backing fabric.

Supply is limited.  I think I can safely make around 10 kits- after that, I cannot guarantee all the fabric choices remaining the same.
Kit Choices

...Nestled for shipping...
I hope you enjoy Maritime Beauty by Karen Neary.  The pattern is fun to make and if you choose to use Mrs P's fabrics- Thank you. 


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Moo-ving along...

Farmyard cows by makower uk
Hi Everyone! 

This print is awesome.   Mrs Pugsley's Emporium does not have it for sale, however it is available at dayle's in Amherst. { 902-667-3321 if you want to check for availability.}

Can you spot where the close up came from?
They had a lot of fabrics from this collection and some reds and greens that were lovely too- but the cows- they were the best! 

Speaking of the best, Karen Neary at her blog site, 
- - has posted a picture of her Maritime Beauty pattern...done mainly in Robert Kaufman fabric from Mrs P's! 

I am working on getting the pattern and material kitted together, but it will also be offered as material alone.  Stay tuned for details.

Valley of the Kings by Robert Kaufman

This is the close up of the fabric in the centre of the Maritime Beauty discussed in Karen's Blog.  Note the subtle sage green accent.  It pairs well with the assorted bright blues and golden hues in the rest of the print. 

And of course, it's March- so we needed a 'green' fabric to show.

Have a good day and thank you, to all that have been so kind with your encouragement and words of enthusiasm.  It really does mean a lot to me. 

Cheers for now!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Do Not Adust your Set...

Yes, he is a real Muppet.  A Muppet Whatnot that you can have made at FAO Schwarz toy store in New York City.  He thinks he is the night watchman at Mrs P's. 

He apparently has 'flipped' for the Luminescence fabric line by Robert Kaufman.  He appears in pictures randomly- you would think you'd see him coming- but no- he's just there. 

I thought you should be aware of some of the fun that will appear.   

There are  also sighting of  'March Hares' in an Amherst shop window...

A lot of people will be surprised by the penguins that are sporting their bunny outfits.  The penguins are very 'disdainful' looking, but they bring a big smile to most peoples' faces as they are going to and from places on their busy days.  The purple and orange penguin seems to be the ring leader...Mrs Pugsley's Penguins?

Have a fun day and remember to smile at the unexpected! 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Chocolate Mint, anyone?...

A Robert Kaufman Batik

Welcome to March!  I hope you are taking time to enjoy life.  I went for a walk today and it's almost smelling like spring!  I find a bounce in my step as the days get longer and there is more heat in the sun. 

I thought, I'd start March out with showing some 'greens' that have come in.  This fabric is absolutely beautiful.  You can almost 'smell' the mint in the leaves on this bolt of material.

Most of the other batiks that have arrived by the bolts are by Hoffman.  I will admit I'm having some trouble keeping the 2 names straight.  Age I expect.  Both manufacturers make wonderful fabric that is a real treat to sew.

In ordering the fabric, you look at small swatches of fabric and a lot of it.  Then you pick what you want to order and some is available now for shipping and others are not yet mass produced.

Palomino, Seacliff, Pineapple, Raspberry, Jelly, Aruba, Lion and the yummy chocolate mint are all pictured above.  I admit to ordering Palomino for sentimental reasons, my first horse was a palomino named, Banner. 

Thank you for letting me share some more of Mrs P's treasures with you.  I value your patience, while I work to get the store up and running and for taking time to read the blog.