Monday, 29 April 2013

Monkeying Around...

A Pink Sock Monkey Blank
So, a few people have been wondering about the sock monkey references.  They will be for sale sporadically at Mrs Pugsley's Emporium. 

The socks are usually wool. The bodies are sewn by hand.  A sewing machine could be used but I prefer the hand sewing.  It is a quiet pass-time.  At this stage, I refer to them as Monkey blanks.  The 'hard' work is done, now for the creativity...

...Auditioning the colours...
If you look closely, there are 3 different kinds of wool for 'hair' and a few skeins of embroidery floss.  The colour of the sock monkey and the quirks of hand sewing- lead to this short list of colours. 

First, the nose and then the smile!  I prefer to have them smiling.  I have made pursed lips and crooked smiles.  There is even a small green one floating around that was sticking its tongue out...

Personality comes as the face takes shape.  Next the eyes- then the eyebrows.  Once the eyebrows turned into glasses! As your needle crafts the face- the personality comes through.  Are they a tough 'guy' with a safety pin in his ear & a mohawk, or is a gentleman that is a bit standoffish ? This one was pink- so I wanted a softer look and chose the bubblegum coloured wool for the hair...

Sunset Pink
Kind of a messy, but a light-weight, hairdo for the monkey.  It's up to the owner to name the monkey and decide if it's a girl or a boy.

So now you know some of the monkey business, that Mrs P's gets up to!

Perception- is the tree big or
is the monkey small?
This monkey was requested by a special someone for a their special person!  I hope they will like it!

Enjoy your day!

Friday, 26 April 2013

From Buildings to Battings...

Clock tower in Downtown Amherst, Nova Scotia

           The top of Mrs Pugsley's Emporium! 

...Wool Batting...
 In putting a shop together, it's important that you, as a customer, have an easy time getting around in the shop and enjoy your shopping.  Items should be easily assessable and yet look appealing. 
I've been working on how to display the batting.  It's light to lift, but awkward on a bolt.  This small bookcase worked well- the bolt fitted sideways- keeping it clean and visible. 
I cut a 6" piece of the batting and hung it on the side- so people can touch and see.  A lot of people are hesitant to try something new. Sometimes, by having the product so you can see it- helps to understand the product and how it may be different than what you currently using, but it might give that special quality you have been looking for.
100% cotton, 80cotton/20poly mix/ 100% wool
showing loft

I cut a 6" wide strip off the end of each bolt, then made 6" squares in a pile.  I was amazed at the difference in lofts.  The one on the right is the wool batting!  The one on the left is 100% cotton.  In the middle is a cotton/poly blend.  This doesn't mean one is better than the other.  It just shows there are different products and you may want to experiment with a different batting.
Thomas Fuller designed buiding
  Amherst, Nova Scotia
The full building, well sort of...there are wings out the back.  It was the original post office and customs house in Amherst.  It is of national interest, because the building was designed by the Dominion architect- Thomas Fuller.  He designed Canada's original Parliament Building - which was lost to fire in 1916 and replaced - except for the round library at the back, that is original.

Canada's Parliamentary Library, Ottawa
designed by Thomas Fuller and Chilion Jones
Stone was used from all over Canada
-opened in 1876-
View from the Peace Tower
Ottawa, Ontario
I hope you have enjoyed this small bit of info on the building that Mrs P's is/will be housed in and on why the building is important to the Built Heritage of Amherst and Canada. 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Glamping by Moda - Layer Cake { 10x10 inches }
  Glamping...a combination of camping and glamour?

I admit to being interested in the fabric because it sounded like fun, and because it was a pre-cut.  It has a modern, edgy feel. Pink, green, mustard, red and turquoise - it is a 'girly' fabric and would be awesome for a quilt for some one that doesn't appreciate the 'roughness' of camping.

I have 2 university friends that 'camped' their way across Canada.  They alternated between a tent and hotel rooms.  One was fine with camping- the other wanted a hair dryer in the tent. One was a camper, the other- maybe a glamper!

-Layer Cake opened-
Upon opening the layer cake and spreading it around,
there is a lot more to it than just a 'girly', funky fabric. It has a vintage feel to both the colour and the prints of the fabric. The gingham squares also inspire a summer picnic theme.

Overall- it has a bright, vibrant palette of colour and has lots of interesting prints to give a unique quilted piece. 

Mrs P's Campsite in Shelburne, NS

I was a  'car' camper last year.  I drove to a campsite and  although I slept in the tent - I'd bring in take out food to eat!  I'd guess that would be a form of glamping ! 

Provincial Campground, Shelburne, Nova Scotia

After cleaning up the camp site- I noticed all the lines formed by the sun, trees and smoke from the campfires.  If I was quilting on a quilt made of these fabrics- I'd definitely have straight lines although I would stray and make circles- just because I think they'd look good too.

Cheers !

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Three Bags Full...

Legacy by Pellon
Wool Quilt Batting
More stock is arriving.  This time, wool batting.  I have not quilted with it, but I know that quilters get beautiful results with it. 

Maritime Beauty by Karen Neary
Quilted by Karen Neary
For more information on Karen and her awesome designs and examples of her work, please check her web site...

Currently, there are Queen and King sizes precut in bags and a Queen width on the bolt.  No pricing yet.  I also have cotton and a poly cotton blend on bolts and polyester in bags.  

...Getting the Trunks Ready
for Saulnierville...

I also have a 'trunk show' planned for May in Saulnierville, Nova Scotia that I am very excited about participating in.  The quilt guild just celebrated their 2nd anniversary and have a large membership.

Joan's blog is below and that should give info on La Guilde Acadienne de Clare- the guild.


Not having done a 'trunk show' before, I thought those small trunks would be awesome to transport the merchandise in.  Hopefully, they will work well, as they look fun.  

Have a lovely day!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Red Rose...

Quilters Rose by Stof

When I was looking for blenders or fillers to compliment the fabrics lines that I was ordering, I wanted something different. 

Stof is a fabric company from Denmark and they offer a top notch quilting cotton.  Today I'll showcase the red I picked.

As you see above and below, it has light & dark components to the fabric- it is not just a mundane red. The roses are created with lighter red tones.  All together, it makes the fabric vibrant and exciting to look at. 

It takes a total of 9 shades or tones of red to make the colour you see when you look at the fabric.  That many hues allows you to add a  splash of accent colour - with intrigue - to your quilt or to use it as a focal point.

Seen above: a pink batik, yellow stripes-another Stof, blue batik, pale yellow batik, and the Red Quilters Rose by Stof, to give an idea of the vibrancy of the red colour. 

Stof fabric is not stiff and scratchy-rather it's petal soft and lush.  This is the 'hand' of the fabric. It is a truly beautiful fabric that feels as good as it looks! 

'Feel' your fabric!  It sounds odd- but having a great hand to the fabric is as important as having a great colour!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Ode to a Moda Jelly Roll...

Historical Blenders by Moda
Jelly Roll
A Moda Jelly Roll.  So simple, yet elegant. A jelly roll is a 2 & 1/2 inch width of fabric cut...of all the fabrics in a complete line!  This means you get all the colours precut in strips for you.  Mmmm- yummy eye candy!
Moda Jelly Rolls
A great way to get colours that 'work' together to make beautiful pieced quilts.  Jelly Rolls and other precuts make beginning quilting less intimidating. On the internet are lots of ways to use a jelly roll if you want to see some great ways to use them. 
They are a flexible cut, meaning, if you purchase without a firm project in mind- it can be used in a variety of ways and you will have enough to make a lovely quilt.  
If you are interested in purchasing one of the Historical Blenders Jelly Roll by Moda, please email and let me know!
April 9th
As an update on pricing & ordering...please check the top of the blog- there is a 2nd page that is entitled- Material Goods For Sale.  Click on that and you will see the fabric kits for Maritime Beauty by Karen Neary & buttons to buy Historical Blenders Jelly Roll by Moda! 
Thanks and have a great day!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sea or Sky?

Celestial Dreams by Hoffman Fabric

This is a beautiful fabric.  It can be described with words like... swirls, light blue, dark blue, a shot of gold...

I was trimming this into a few Fat Quarters and Flabbies when the eureka moment occurred!  Ah ha- this will be my ice cake material.  It has movement with the swirls and has many shades of blue.  There is even a hint of white- it will be great! 

Sea or Sky ?

I get some white and start to put some next to the fabric...oh,oh..white won't work.  The gold is demanding a warmer beige colour not cooler white.  Even with a neutral blender- it didn't remind me of the ice cakes.  It just didn't have the excitement that would remind me of the day. 

Nothing to loose, I start with other blues- too bland, too green and so on...Until...

Robert Kaufman Fabric- Dutch Cottage

Surprise! It works with the other fabric.  It's interesting that they are not 2 fabrics I would have chosen off a shelf to compliment each other.  They are both bold fabrics to look at individually- so usually, they'd be a focal point by themselves.

Later, I'll show some blocks I'm putting together with these 2 fabrics and you can judge if you like them together.  For me- they work, because together, they remind me of the day.

If, what you think will work easily, falls flat-you can change your mind and try different things.  Trust your instincts- challenge your colour choices, try a different pattern for the block.  You are in charge.  There is no right or wrong. I may not make a whole quilt from these colours- but a few blocks will not go amiss.   

And yes, the fabrics are sold by Mrs Pugsley's Emporium. :)


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

What's Your Insipration?...

Ice Cakes at Port Philip, Nova Scotia

I came across ice cakes last Friday, flowing in the currents at Port Philip on their way to the ocean via the Northumberland Strait.  The sun was dancing off the water on the right; just sparkling with star points.  I slowed down and stopped. 

I felt invigorated- jumping out of the car, not putting on my winter coat, crossing the road and off down to the boat launching area.  The air was cool, crisp and clean.  Like a kid, I oohed and awed at the current and the 'parade of ice cakes' going by.  I quickly snapped some pictures and then, just stood there.  It was beautiful and the day was brighter for me, having seen this special place. 

What would my quilt look like if I was inspired by this picture and memory?  I'd have pristine whites and a multitude of blues- but not just any blues...bright, happy, vibrant blues that look - crispy- with the white.  Stitching in the quilt would be clean, elegant and simple.  I'd be trying to create the freshness of the day and the joy of seeing the unexpected.

Smiling Dragon or plain Ice Cake?

What inspires you to create a quilt?  Is it the fabric?   Maybe it's the pattern or block?  Or is the joy of creating a quilt- just that - joy? 

Inspiration can strike you at any moment!  From folding socks to stirring soup.  Jot a quick note down- no matter how whimsical or foolish- you will be surprised at how many thoughts flow each day.  Some won't work- others will be brilliant!  When you look at your fabric with this creativity in mind- your quilts will reflect you and the joy you put into them.


Monday, 1 April 2013

April Fools' Day...

Welcome to Mrs P's on April Fool's Day...

Why? See the arrow beside the fuel tank icon?
I thought I'd share some automotive knowledge with's April 1 and we all should enjoy the day.

Sometime during your hectic schedules, you may be driving a different car than the one you are used to and it will need to be refuelled.  Without getting out and looking- which side is the gas cap on?

In the picture above...there is the little icon picture of the fuel tank.  Usually, there is an arrow on one side and hose on the other- on this example, both the hose and arrow are on the right hand side (from the driver in the drivers seat), so the gas cap is on the right hand side of the car. 

Check your cars and trucks out- it's a pretty neat thing to be able to drive into the pumps with the confidence that you are on the correct side! 

Have a great April Fool's Day and enjoy yourselves!