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September 9, 2013

In the beginning...

A Chenille Quilt
Artist- Christine McCarthy, 2013
Christine McCarthy, dropped in last week looking for one of the reds in this 'mat'.  I had never seen anything like it.  I really liked the weight of it for a mat.  Seeing it made of a cotton print was amazing.

I started quizzing her up about the mat.  She used 3 layers  of the fabric you see on the top, a 4th piece under of the dark background, some batting and a piece of cotton on the back.  If you are counting, that's 6 layers in total! 

She sewed angled parallel lines through all layers and then cut the top 3 layers in between the lines.  This gave it a chenille look and feel.  Chris suggested it is easiest with a chenille cutter rather than scissors.

When I asked what was the hardest part of the project, she replied, 'sewing every 1/2 inch!'  Although, she did not time herself, she thought a full day of sewing would make her size of a mat but cautioned, there was a lot of sewing.

Chris McCarthy's Art- a Chenille Quilt

This is a great project to add a splash of colour to a room.  Chris would also suggest a print that has a large pattern and says to clean it, just throw it in the washer.

Thank you so much for sharing, Chris.  I think it's important that we see what people are working on and encourage them.  They are the people that create the art, that in turn, inspires us to try something new. 

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