Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Moo-ving along...

Farmyard cows by makower uk
Hi Everyone! 

This print is awesome.   Mrs Pugsley's Emporium does not have it for sale, however it is available at dayle's in Amherst. { 902-667-3321 if you want to check for availability.}

Can you spot where the close up came from?
They had a lot of fabrics from this collection and some reds and greens that were lovely too- but the cows- they were the best! 

Speaking of the best, Karen Neary at her blog site, 
- sewkaren-lycreated.blogspot.ca - has posted a picture of her Maritime Beauty pattern...done mainly in Robert Kaufman fabric from Mrs P's! 

I am working on getting the pattern and material kitted together, but it will also be offered as material alone.  Stay tuned for details.

Valley of the Kings by Robert Kaufman

This is the close up of the fabric in the centre of the Maritime Beauty discussed in Karen's Blog.  Note the subtle sage green accent.  It pairs well with the assorted bright blues and golden hues in the rest of the print. 

And of course, it's March- so we needed a 'green' fabric to show.

Have a good day and thank you, to all that have been so kind with your encouragement and words of enthusiasm.  It really does mean a lot to me. 

Cheers for now!

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  1. You really captured the glitter of that gold fabric in your photo. It is sooooooooo gorgeous! I am almost finished - watch soon for an update!