Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Shop Hours are Changing...

Brrr- it's still a cool day here, in Amherst.  It's supposed to get to a modest 12*C today and  by the weekend, warm days should be here under sunny skies!  

This is more of a housekeeping post....

Shop Hours will be changing from June 1st on until mid to late September.  Mrs P's will start being open on Tuesdays from 1pm to 4 pm!  Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays remain the same, 10 am to 4 pm. Saturdays will now be by chance!   

As always, by chance means, if I can be here, I will be.  If Saturday is the only day you can come for a visit, by all means reach me at the shop during working hours, or send an email or find me wandering on the streets of Amherst and I can meet you here for a time that is convenient for both of us.  I am not available every Saturday, so please make contact and make sure to get a reply so that you are not disappointed by Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc being closed when you come. 

The phone number at the shop- let it ring, I can be pretty slow- 902-661-4260

To further muddy the waters....

Mrs P's is open this Sat from 10 til 2pm- the last scheduled Saturday for now. 

And is open on a rare ...Monday, June 2nd, 2014 from 2 pm to 5pm...

The local quild, Cumberland Quilters Guild, is having a dinner featuring the Singing Quilter, Cathy Miller at 6 pm that night.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Totally for fun...

Sometimes, we want to decorate, quickly and easily.  Using fabric can be a way to add colour and a nostalgic feel to a celebration.  People who do not sew are amazed at some of things that can be made from fabric.  

Recently in Halifax, a store had a banner made of pennants with a pinked circle sewen on it with a letter markered inside. It was beautiful !  Together, it read 'Happy Birthday' but it would be limited only by your imagination.  

There are all kinds of ways to make pennants and to string them up. 

Recently, I found a way to make a pennant from a 10 inch square.  Don't despair if you do not have access to a package of 10 inch squares- you can cut  a 10 inch width of fabric that you like & get 4 squares or use a fat quarter.  Mrs P's will cut any width that you need, so feel free to mix and match what you like.  

I was intrigued by this oriental pattern that has come in by Red Rooster, Tadashi.  There is a lovely panel and this is one of the 4 complimentary fabric to the panel.

First, the 4 ...10 inch squares were cut out.  

Next, the square is folded in 1/2 diagonally and one side is sewn.  It doesn't matter which side.

Now, turn the sewn square inside out.  Centre the seam in the middle of the back of the pennant and press.  Careful poking the tip- we really don't want a hole, but if that happens- sew the seam shut again.  

You would make more than one!  For this example, I used a piece of ribbon that was handy, but you could use ribbon, binding tape, twill tape, or any string.  This works best for a flat 'stringer' as the flap will be sewn done over the ribbon.  If it's a round 'stringer, a casing  could be made but to prevent the pennants from sliding on the string, they will need a few stitches though the 'stringer' and the pennant. 

Above, the back of the pennant.  Note, I did not stitch the raw edges down.  Depending how you will be using the finished project, back of a chair, hung from the rafters, or in a window... You can sew a quick stitch to hold the flap down.  The square can be any size, so experiment! 

Ta Da!  A finished pennant.  Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc has a lot of oriental fabrics in stock and I think this would be an awesome way to showcase them.  The elegant fabric is enhanced by having a finished edged rather than a raw edged look - but a pinked edge would be a lovely finish on some other more 'rustic' fabric and be totally fun.   I can see trying some of those too!  

Using a fusible web ( Wonder-Under, for example) you could fuse on letters or numbers or animals or...
A piece of batting could be put inside and then you could practice quilting on a small project to gain confidence.  The possibilities are truly endless!  

Let you imagination run free and enjoy! 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bazinga !! ...

Yes it's true!  Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc has 'the Big Bang Theory' fabric in stock!  

There are 3 different patterns & colours to pick from.  The blue <Bazinga Glow> has atomic symbols and Bazinga!.  The white <Heroes in Space> has the characters posing in their favorite super hero costumes  and the black <Cast and Elements> has the characters and their names.  The fabric is printed under license by David Textiles, Inc.

There's a lot of vibrancy and fun in the fabric.  A pillowcase was in order, but I really liked the white fabric as the big piece and that meant the 2 darker colours would be together...

So, I  went with a Michael Miller print ( also in stock) as a band.  This picture shows the beginning of a French seam.  It looks so odd- starting to sew the pillowcase together- right side out- but is necessary so the product can be turned inside out and thus seam is then enclosed by putting a seam line on the inside.  

So, when we turn this right side out....

It's the finished product!

Pillowcases are fun to make and don't be afraid to play with their creations.

Beside the finished pillowcase is a kitted pillowcase by Mrs P's and it has stripes for the accent band...but they don't run parallel.  Another suggestion is the Glow in the Dark Fairy Frost by Micael Miller Fabrics....that would be fun too!  ( also in stock)

A quilt would be awesome too!  Sometimes though, a smaller project is needed for a gift and pillowcases are wonderful. ..

This pillowcase I have made with Hoffman's Bali Paradise line.  It is so crisp and summery looking.  Again there are 3 different prints to chose from- all in the Sea Breeze colour way.  I liked it best with this solid ( now carrying Michael Miller Cotton Couture- but more in a later post! ) called Candlelight.  It added a pop of colour without being too overbearing and Cotton Couture by Michael Miller is so soft to feel.  A perfect gift for a special Aunt! 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Is a Danish company that produces an interesting array of fabric.  It does has a Scandinavia feel to some prints but for the most part, they are just a bit different from a traditional print.  There is a sense of whimsy but not so avant grade that you cannot use it with your stash at home.  

The three Stof cotton prints are in their Quilters Basic Perfect line.  I'm not saying thiese are 3 colours to put together, but rather, just look at the fun.  The newsprint style on the background is not in English, but French, which adds to the whimsy.  There's not enough printed in the squares to read- just a few words here and there.  It's a totally fabulous print!

The gray flowered print has enough light to help keep it from just being grey/gray. ( I'm never sure which is the Canadian way to spell gray- so I alternate!). Small petal  flowers  allow your eyes to move around on the print which will add some interest to a normally staid colour.  

The row houses in green, blue and yellows is just plain fun!  It is a one direction print ... but who hasn't wanted to live in an upside down house?  can be your answer if you want to flip the print in your squares.  Green is dramatic but with the blue, you spy the houses and smile.  It's reminds me of a village or neighbourhood and of a city block.  It's hip and urban.

Drop in to see theses fabrics and many more!  A couple of big boxes have also arrived with some more notions.  Mary Ellen's Best Press in all fragrances including no fragrance are some of the items!  

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Fit for a princess...

This is Moda brushed cotton. It has a soft, flannel like nap, but is not too thick.  The castles in the sky make me smile every time I see it.  Don't we all wish we could live there and see the world at our own pace?  I'm pretty sure it's an illusion and time management is key.  

This coming Monday, in Halifax, a Royal Couple is touring some key spots there, off to The Ship Hector in Pictou and then to PEI. I'd be happy seeing just one of those places in a day!  Of course, I tend to meander and wander off the beaten path somedays- so my time management can be non existent.  That in turn pulls us back to the shop and how somedays, I get a lot done, other days- I meander.

I have 2 bolts of the brushed cotton.  One the green teal with very small white stars, the other- castles in the sky- is a pale almost peachy-pink with sand coloured castles and white clouds.  

The actual name of this line is Storybook by Kate & Birdie Paper Co for Moda.  I think the name is very fitting and it would make a lovely back for a quilt.  Or it could be used to add some whimsy to an eye spy quilt.  

Have a grand day!  Entertain your whimsical side and dare to dream! 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Panelling.... passé? Or trendy?...

Or ... have you looked at quilt panels lately? ...they might surprise you!

This is a quilt panel...a Happy Birthday Banner when some work is added to it, but it starts as a panel.  Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc has been fortunate to price all the panels in stock at $9.95 each.  Most panels are the width of fabric and 60cm wide. 

Sometimes there are individual panels and sometimes, like the banner one, they come in on a bolt.  They never look like much on the bolt because you can only see a small piece at time.  Mrs P's does have a selection of children's, wildlife and Asian inspired panels in stock, along with a few odd and quirky ones. 

Asian inspired includes but is not limited to....

Children's Inspired panels include....

General ones (as above) or characters ( as below)...

And Wildlife includes....

And some odd ball ones...

Day of the Dead and a Family Tree or....

Quilt Labels!  

Panels are a way to have a main focus in your quilt.  As you can see, they provide a starting place.  You may put some batting and a back on and you can now hand or machine stitch the outlines.  They make a fun and easy baby quilt.  They are a great beginner project to practice your stitching techniques on, but don't overlook them as your techniques grow.  Some have great colours or printed blocks that you can expand out into a more elaborate quilt top or wall hanging. 

Come in and explore the panels in stock or call/email to look for something in particular!  Pictures can be emailed of what is available at any given time. { 902-661-4260 }  or 

On a personal note, I'd like to thank Karen who manned the shop last week while I was off piping. It was a fantastic opportunity for me.  

Have a grand day!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Because it is the right thing to do...

As you may be aware, I have been fortunate to learn to play the bagpipes.  That has led me on a path of were I am tonight.  I am in Ottawa and will be piping tomorrow in the National Day of Honour for Afghanistan Veterans.  

I'm very proud of the people that 'serve' to keep our land free and strong.  I may chafe at some of the politics but I also feel it is important to honour these veterans and also all veterans.  They protect us and allow us to have the freedoms that we think we are entitled to.  

Late Monday night, I heard from my band that that I would be permitted to pipe in the parade!   I've been scurrying around for the past couple of days trying to get myself here with the least amount of impact to Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc.   I explained where and why to Karen Neary and she is     'man-ing' the shop while I am here in Ottawa.  

This is about pride in ourselves as Canadians.  Please pause to remember the Veterans tomorrow/ today.  Although this parade is about Afghanistan Veterans- all Veterans  should be honoured and everyday! 

Not all veterans were in the military.  RCMP and CSC ( Correctional Services Canada ) have 'veterans' that will be honoured tomorrow.  The government website for more info is

Enough of the soapbox!  Enjoy your day and your communities!  I'm so excited- meanwhile, the forecast is for thunder showers!