Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Humble Beginnings...

Fabric for Maritime Beauty Kit
Taking a deep breath, Mrs P's put the wheel to the mat and starting cutting fabric tonight!  It's is very exciting but terrifying, never having done a kit up before or even cut material for selling !

The Kit is for Maritime Beauty by Karen Neary of  The pattern and actual piece may be viewed on her blog.  The centrepiece is awesome!

Mrs Pugsley's has put the fabric  amounts needed into a kit. 

Lots of gold & purples

It includes about 2 m of fabrics in 7 different colours.  It is being offered for sale on line only.  It can be mailed for additional charges. 

This is the price for the material only- it comes with or without the neutral backing fabric.

Supply is limited.  I think I can safely make around 10 kits- after that, I cannot guarantee all the fabric choices remaining the same.
Kit Choices

...Nestled for shipping...
I hope you enjoy Maritime Beauty by Karen Neary.  The pattern is fun to make and if you choose to use Mrs P's fabrics- Thank you. 


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  1. I love how you have it packaged - purple and orange look great together!