Thursday, 14 March 2013

Material Goods for Sale

...Material Goods for Sale...

Hi again!  

I have been busy packaging up some kits for mailing but if you live locally, in Amherst- Nova Scotia, you can order them on line or via the email address and a pick up spot will be arranged ( since the actual bricks and mortar store is not yet open) . 

I believe, on the internet site, postage will be charged- but I will ensure that it is credited back to you, if the fabric kit is not mailed out, but hand delivered/picked up.  

I am very excited about this venture!  I was totally in the zone as I measured (twice or three times), cut (holding my breath each & every time) and folded ( three or four times to match all the sizes up). 

-Remember, pattern sold separately- 

Then out came the boxes....and the tissue...and the ribbon!  Who knows why we do what we do, but I wanted you to get a 'package' not just fabric.  It's like a present to yourself- so it should look good!

A real learning experience and it was fun humming along with the radio.

Mrs P's cutting table & the night watchman!

I have 2 cutting tables.  One is always for Mrs P, but the other, if not busy- can be for you to cut bigger pieces of your fabric on on or to have a workspace to trim things up.  I'm not sure how all of this will work- but I used to sew and the only place in my house for the pattern pieces was the floor- it worked great-nothing fell off- but my knees ached.  So again, if it's not in use by Mrs P- there is nothing to stop you from having a flat surface to play on.  No papers to salt, pepper, oranges,plants,radio are all things on my table at home.

As always, you can leave a comment below or email directly to  I'm trying to send back a reply to all the emails sent.  

If there is a product that has piqued your interest, beside the current kit- please email and check on pricing.  

It's been a wonderful experience to date.  If you are a local or a further away guild or group, that might be interested in a fabric table/trunk show, please let me know.  I would be able to do this in the Spring.

Ready for mailing...Pizza's up!

The fabric kit for Maritime Beauty designed by Karen Neary can be purchased by clicking across the top of the blog- I currently have it listed under...Material Goods for Sale...or check on Karens' site directly and click on patterns.  She does some pretty neat stuff. 

Have a wonderful day! 


  1. The fabric trunk show/sale would be exciting for our members at the guild. I know it would be best to look at dates with no possibillity of bad weather. Say May or June? We do not meet in July and August. Lets talk!( rather e-mail)?

    1. Awesome! Thank you Joan.
      I'm looking forward to it.

  2. I received my kit on a recent snowy day, and you are right. It was just like getting a gift to myself (which, of course, it was). Thanks for the lovely experience.