Monday, 4 March 2013

Do Not Adust your Set...

Yes, he is a real Muppet.  A Muppet Whatnot that you can have made at FAO Schwarz toy store in New York City.  He thinks he is the night watchman at Mrs P's. 

He apparently has 'flipped' for the Luminescence fabric line by Robert Kaufman.  He appears in pictures randomly- you would think you'd see him coming- but no- he's just there. 

I thought you should be aware of some of the fun that will appear.   

There are  also sighting of  'March Hares' in an Amherst shop window...

A lot of people will be surprised by the penguins that are sporting their bunny outfits.  The penguins are very 'disdainful' looking, but they bring a big smile to most peoples' faces as they are going to and from places on their busy days.  The purple and orange penguin seems to be the ring leader...Mrs Pugsley's Penguins?

Have a fun day and remember to smile at the unexpected! 

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  1. Love the post - especially that night watchman!