Sunday, 24 March 2013

Indroducing...The Flabbie !

Mrs P's Introduces...The Flabbie !
What's a Flabbie, you ask?
You know the feeling- you see a piece of fabric that calls out for you to take it home.  There is no project in mind- but something makes you pick it up...could be colour, the print or just the feel of it...There IS something special you can make with this- so you pick up a Fat Quarter and when the time comes to use that special's -just - not - quite - big enough...
The Flabbie is simply a 1/2 metre WOF or width of fabric.  In the States, it would be a 1/2 yard WOF.
Mrs P's believes in trying new things and challenging yourself to enjoy what you do, so we will be offering precut Flabbies along with Fat Quarters done in shop.
A Flabbie stretched out in it's full width!
Consider this cut { Flabbie } if you don't quite know what that special piece of fabric is for- it's more comfortable than a Fat Quarter!
            Something fun for today from...
Mrs Pugsley's Emporium, Amherst, Nova Scotia.


  1. HILL-AIR-EOUS!! Mrs. P., only you could come up with something like that!

  2. I think it might just catch on! :)