Monday, 29 April 2013

Monkeying Around...

A Pink Sock Monkey Blank
So, a few people have been wondering about the sock monkey references.  They will be for sale sporadically at Mrs Pugsley's Emporium. 

The socks are usually wool. The bodies are sewn by hand.  A sewing machine could be used but I prefer the hand sewing.  It is a quiet pass-time.  At this stage, I refer to them as Monkey blanks.  The 'hard' work is done, now for the creativity...

...Auditioning the colours...
If you look closely, there are 3 different kinds of wool for 'hair' and a few skeins of embroidery floss.  The colour of the sock monkey and the quirks of hand sewing- lead to this short list of colours. 

First, the nose and then the smile!  I prefer to have them smiling.  I have made pursed lips and crooked smiles.  There is even a small green one floating around that was sticking its tongue out...

Personality comes as the face takes shape.  Next the eyes- then the eyebrows.  Once the eyebrows turned into glasses! As your needle crafts the face- the personality comes through.  Are they a tough 'guy' with a safety pin in his ear & a mohawk, or is a gentleman that is a bit standoffish ? This one was pink- so I wanted a softer look and chose the bubblegum coloured wool for the hair...

Sunset Pink
Kind of a messy, but a light-weight, hairdo for the monkey.  It's up to the owner to name the monkey and decide if it's a girl or a boy.

So now you know some of the monkey business, that Mrs P's gets up to!

Perception- is the tree big or
is the monkey small?
This monkey was requested by a special someone for a their special person!  I hope they will like it!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I like how unique each of your sock monkeys are; the one thing they all have in common is that they look happy! This pink one is going to make someone very happy.