Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sea or Sky?

Celestial Dreams by Hoffman Fabric

This is a beautiful fabric.  It can be described with words like... swirls, light blue, dark blue, a shot of gold...

I was trimming this into a few Fat Quarters and Flabbies when the eureka moment occurred!  Ah ha- this will be my ice cake material.  It has movement with the swirls and has many shades of blue.  There is even a hint of white- it will be great! 

Sea or Sky ?

I get some white and start to put some next to the fabric...oh,oh..white won't work.  The gold is demanding a warmer beige colour not cooler white.  Even with a neutral blender- it didn't remind me of the ice cakes.  It just didn't have the excitement that would remind me of the day. 

Nothing to loose, I start with other blues- too bland, too green and so on...Until...

Robert Kaufman Fabric- Dutch Cottage

Surprise! It works with the other fabric.  It's interesting that they are not 2 fabrics I would have chosen off a shelf to compliment each other.  They are both bold fabrics to look at individually- so usually, they'd be a focal point by themselves.

Later, I'll show some blocks I'm putting together with these 2 fabrics and you can judge if you like them together.  For me- they work, because together, they remind me of the day.

If, what you think will work easily, falls flat-you can change your mind and try different things.  Trust your instincts- challenge your colour choices, try a different pattern for the block.  You are in charge.  There is no right or wrong. I may not make a whole quilt from these colours- but a few blocks will not go amiss.   

And yes, the fabrics are sold by Mrs Pugsley's Emporium. :)


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  1. Wow...we can look and not see and then, kapow! I love the jolt from the lightbulb moment - I live for it :)