Thursday, 11 April 2013

Red Rose...

Quilters Rose by Stof

When I was looking for blenders or fillers to compliment the fabrics lines that I was ordering, I wanted something different. 

Stof is a fabric company from Denmark and they offer a top notch quilting cotton.  Today I'll showcase the red I picked.

As you see above and below, it has light & dark components to the fabric- it is not just a mundane red. The roses are created with lighter red tones.  All together, it makes the fabric vibrant and exciting to look at. 

It takes a total of 9 shades or tones of red to make the colour you see when you look at the fabric.  That many hues allows you to add a  splash of accent colour - with intrigue - to your quilt or to use it as a focal point.

Seen above: a pink batik, yellow stripes-another Stof, blue batik, pale yellow batik, and the Red Quilters Rose by Stof, to give an idea of the vibrancy of the red colour. 

Stof fabric is not stiff and scratchy-rather it's petal soft and lush.  This is the 'hand' of the fabric. It is a truly beautiful fabric that feels as good as it looks! 

'Feel' your fabric!  It sounds odd- but having a great hand to the fabric is as important as having a great colour!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. OMGosh those are gorgeous!. I can almost feel the fabric!

  2. Those are just lovely. I love the look of it.