Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Three Bags Full...

Legacy by Pellon
Wool Quilt Batting
More stock is arriving.  This time, wool batting.  I have not quilted with it, but I know that quilters get beautiful results with it. 

Maritime Beauty by Karen Neary
Quilted by Karen Neary
For more information on Karen and her awesome designs and examples of her work, please check her web site...

Currently, there are Queen and King sizes precut in bags and a Queen width on the bolt.  No pricing yet.  I also have cotton and a poly cotton blend on bolts and polyester in bags.  

...Getting the Trunks Ready
for Saulnierville...

I also have a 'trunk show' planned for May in Saulnierville, Nova Scotia that I am very excited about participating in.  The quilt guild just celebrated their 2nd anniversary and have a large membership.

Joan's blog is below and that should give info on La Guilde Acadienne de Clare- the guild.


Not having done a 'trunk show' before, I thought those small trunks would be awesome to transport the merchandise in.  Hopefully, they will work well, as they look fun.  

Have a lovely day!


  1. We are sooo looking forward to your visit. I have invited another guild to come and they are soooo ready!

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