Wednesday, 1 May 2013

PO Box 367...

PO Box 367 Amherst, NS B4H 3Z5
 This is Mrs Pugsley's Emporiums' mailbox at the post office...I've been checking it regularly- looking for something special.  That 'special-ness' has arrived! 

TA- DA! Thread! Wonderfil to be specific.  The above picture is the Konfetti that has arrived.  It's a general purpose thread- good for hand and/or machine usage.  It is 50 wt Egyptian 100% cotton.  On the info it is 'double gassed and mercerized'-meaning it has a lustrous look and any stray strands of lint, are removed in a certain process.  This thread has very low lint and there is 1000m (metres) on a spool. 

That would be 1 km or 1 kilometre of thread and that is 0.6 of a mile.  That's a lot of stitching ability!

I have other kinds of their threads as well.  I'll post more as the week progresses. 

Konfetti Thread, a refreshing spool
Have a great day!

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