Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Glamping by Moda - Layer Cake { 10x10 inches }
  Glamping...a combination of camping and glamour?

I admit to being interested in the fabric because it sounded like fun, and because it was a pre-cut.  It has a modern, edgy feel. Pink, green, mustard, red and turquoise - it is a 'girly' fabric and would be awesome for a quilt for some one that doesn't appreciate the 'roughness' of camping.

I have 2 university friends that 'camped' their way across Canada.  They alternated between a tent and hotel rooms.  One was fine with camping- the other wanted a hair dryer in the tent. One was a camper, the other- maybe a glamper!

-Layer Cake opened-
Upon opening the layer cake and spreading it around,
there is a lot more to it than just a 'girly', funky fabric. It has a vintage feel to both the colour and the prints of the fabric. The gingham squares also inspire a summer picnic theme.

Overall- it has a bright, vibrant palette of colour and has lots of interesting prints to give a unique quilted piece. 

Mrs P's Campsite in Shelburne, NS

I was a  'car' camper last year.  I drove to a campsite and  although I slept in the tent - I'd bring in take out food to eat!  I'd guess that would be a form of glamping ! 

Provincial Campground, Shelburne, Nova Scotia

After cleaning up the camp site- I noticed all the lines formed by the sun, trees and smoke from the campfires.  If I was quilting on a quilt made of these fabrics- I'd definitely have straight lines although I would stray and make circles- just because I think they'd look good too.

Cheers !

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  1. My husband took me camping, on our honeymoon. I suffered so severely from curling iron withdrawal, that after 3 nights, and in the pouring rain, he agreed that we should get a hotel room for the night! :)