Tuesday, 2 April 2013

What's Your Insipration?...

Ice Cakes at Port Philip, Nova Scotia

I came across ice cakes last Friday, flowing in the currents at Port Philip on their way to the ocean via the Northumberland Strait.  The sun was dancing off the water on the right; just sparkling with star points.  I slowed down and stopped. 

I felt invigorated- jumping out of the car, not putting on my winter coat, crossing the road and off down to the boat launching area.  The air was cool, crisp and clean.  Like a kid, I oohed and awed at the current and the 'parade of ice cakes' going by.  I quickly snapped some pictures and then, just stood there.  It was beautiful and the day was brighter for me, having seen this special place. 

What would my quilt look like if I was inspired by this picture and memory?  I'd have pristine whites and a multitude of blues- but not just any blues...bright, happy, vibrant blues that look - crispy- with the white.  Stitching in the quilt would be clean, elegant and simple.  I'd be trying to create the freshness of the day and the joy of seeing the unexpected.

Smiling Dragon or plain Ice Cake?

What inspires you to create a quilt?  Is it the fabric?   Maybe it's the pattern or block?  Or is the joy of creating a quilt- just that - joy? 

Inspiration can strike you at any moment!  From folding socks to stirring soup.  Jot a quick note down- no matter how whimsical or foolish- you will be surprised at how many thoughts flow each day.  Some won't work- others will be brilliant!  When you look at your fabric with this creativity in mind- your quilts will reflect you and the joy you put into them.


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