Tuesday, 1 April 2014


It's April Fool's Day ! 

It's a curious thing - brooms can stand by themselves.  

This is not a trick.  I was going to show the broom at Mrs P's, but the snow that Mother Nature is throwing at us this morning, will keep me home a bit longer. 

Brooms will stand on their end any day of the year, however, you do need a flat bottom broom.  Grab yours and try.  They will stand for days but air currents will topple them. It's very easy.  Gravity is the magic & everything has a centre of balance.  

In the meantime, I'll bring you up to speed on the jelly roll top in progress. 

Only one jelly roll is used for this project- I'm just showing the Hearty Good Wishes ( Moda Fabrics ) jelly roll next to the opened and sewn end to end one in progress.  

First, a 2 & 1/2 inch square was added between the strips.  I chose one of the colours in the jelly roll and added 2 more 2&1/2 inch strips or 5 inches more of fabric to make this jelly roll quilt top.  I guess I could have used a colour that was duplicated in the roll and only need one 2&1/2 inch strip extra but I liked this one.   

After you get this great mass of strips joined end to end,  you join the strips lengthwise. It feels like you are sewing for a mile... Clip the ends and now your quilt top has 2 long strips in it.

Then, you guessed it, more sewing... This time, the strips are joined lengthwise again to give 4 strips.  Again, clip the ends keeping them as straight as you can. By the time you are at 4 strips in your quilt top, you will need to worry more about the straightness of the cut end and instead of clipping you might want to rotary cut the end.  

There is a randomness to the pattern.  The original start strip is trimmed a bit  ( about 18 or 20 inches) shorter so not all the little squares line up.  The jelly roll was also used from top to bottom except when 2 of the same colours would be run into...I moved them apart except for once.  We'll see which was the 'better' way.  

Next, the 4 sewn strips are joined lengthwise to give 8 strips ...

Here is the sideways view of the 8 strips before I join them together.  I was laying them out to see which side I liked better together.  Once these 8 strips are joined lengthwise, there will be 16 strips and so on. 

This is as far as I have gotten so far.  It is truly fun to do and a great way to practice trying to keep that 'perfect' 1/4 inch seam.  I find, I wander- so I stop, refocus and go a bit further.  There is no rush to have this done.  As this is being made at the shop, I put the needle down and leave it on the machine so it will be ready for next time I have time to work on it.  

Have a wonderful April Fool's Day! Nicer weather has to be just around the corner! 

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  1. I think the April Fool Joke is the snow!