Wednesday, 9 April 2014

You make the quilts....

A huge THANK YOU! To all those that came in the shop today.  

It was Mrs P's 1st ever sew-in day.  A comfortable number of people stayed for the day, sewing on their projects and enjoying the people coming in to see what they were doing.  Lots of you stopped in to see and some even showed some of your quilts projects.  

Your talents are truly amazing and inspiring !  You make the quilts sparkle with your personality! 

Jelly Roll Quilt Top progress  .... < Hearty Good Wishes >

Lots of interest in the jelly roll quilt top.  Instead of piecing the same fabric for the back or choosing wide backing....I borrowed Dot's idea of backing using big squares for the back.  Think of 2 quilts in one, kind of thing.   

Warning....cut out only, idea in progress ... not sure if it works (yet) 

I really liked the navy prints using whales & fishes ( under the sea), ships ( on top of the sea) and topped it with seagulls. This should be how the back of the quilt would look when finished.  Part of the process is trying to figure out the proportions of the squares.  They need to finish bigger than the quilt top on all sides and yet have the inside square proportionate to the quilt finished size.   10cm ( around 4 inches for non metric users) all the way around was aimed for.  Once the big 9 patch back is together, we'll see how good my math was. 

When deciding on a quilt back, extra  width and length is needed so it can be 'tied' into the quilt frame.   If you are planning to have your quilting done by a long arm quilter, please check with them to see what is needed around the edges.

Remember, you are in control of your quilt.  Enjoy the process and remember to play and have fun.  It can be one splash of red where people least expect it.  Did it match the 'rest' of the quilt? Maybe not but people will look twice and smile.  They smile when they see your personality sparkle in your quilting! 


  1. It was a fun time yesterday and nice to connect with like-minded quilters. Thanks for inviting us in, Mrs. Pugsley.

  2. I once tried to make a quilt back from 2 lengths of vertically striped fabric. I pieced them together using a wide piece in the middle and and a half width on each side (very traditional). I didn't end up with a long enough backing, but the sides were much wider them the quilt. So I ended up taking a strip off one side of the back (making it asymmetrical) and put the piece I cut off horizontally about a third of the way down from the top. Now I had a horizontal stripe across my vertical striped backing! When I was done, everyone thought I had done it on purpose.
    Don't sweat the math, it will look lovely even if it is asymmetrical.