Friday, 4 April 2014

Jelly Roll Quilt Top....

Last reported,  there was 8 strips being sewn together lengthwise to give  16...

Here, there's 16 rows before it's cut again and then join those lengthwise again.   By now, the top is getting a bit heavier and a few pins were used to try and help the the strips together while sewing. 

Here, Heaty Good Wishes  < Moda Fabric > jelly roll is now going to be 16 strips wides and it is still joined lengthwise to give 32 strips wide next ... 

When the end is cut...

Ta Da! Not yet ironed and plenty big enough for a lap quilt.  Truthfully, at about 64 inches long- it's a fun, easy project for quilters and non quilters.  A 2nd top finished for Mrs P!  

There is an good selection of Jelly Rolls at Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc.  Jelly Rolls are priced at $49.95 with 40 - 2&1/2 inch Width of Fabric (WOF) strips. It's nice they are all coordinated and look very pretty all rolled up.  Eye Candy for quilters!  Maybe the Easter Bunny will surprise you!  

Remember, you can make this from your stash or any other fabric you like.  Cut 2&1/2 inch strips WOF from your favourites and off you go.  If you would like it longer, use more strips in the beginning or add borders.  This one remains at this size to show the answer to-'how big is a jelly roll?'  

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  1. Oh Mrs P this color theme is beautiful. I seen one on Youtube with the strips joined on the \ but I love the solid square. Now I know what to do with my VON jellyroll.