Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Rain, rain and snow?! ...

Has anyone looked out their window today?  Here in Amherst, Nova Scotia- it is streaming down rain. There's a fog on some windows because, ...yes, it is supposed to go near freezing this afternoon and possible snow later this evening!  Yikes!

Maybe, Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc can offer some colour to an otherwise wet, dull and grey day.  A Rainy Day Project!  I know tulips are starting to poke through the muddy flower beds and some crocuses are cheerfully announcing their presence.  Spring is here and on her way, but maybe just a nudge...

Not a glow in the dark yellow, this yellow is - Buttercup , a solid by Moda. Shown here with a charm pack of Mirabelle by Fig Tree & Co for Moda Fabrics, it's a soft gentle reminder of spring!  

Charm packs are pretty, but sometimes we want to know what will they make?  Mrs P's is in the process of joining a 5x5 square of the solid, Buttercup, to each of the charm pack squares.  They will be sliced open to 4 squares made up of a yellow triangleand and a print triangle.  The plan doesn't go much beyond there at this point but we'll keep you posted as The Rainy Day Project moves along.  

Please remember that Mrs P's is closed for Good Friday, along with this Sat, Sun, Mon and Tuesday.

Tomorrow is from 10 am to 4 pm and then opening the following Wed at 10 am.  

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  1. Just found your blog!! I live in RJ just down the road on route#6> Hoping to make a virtual visit today!