Monday, 31 March 2014

Fabric & Much More!

                        Yippee!!  Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc has some notions!  

At this point, they are not properly displayed but I can find things. There are Olfa blades, chenille cutters and a mix of seam rippers. Some thimbles and more. Let us know what you are looking for & we'll see if we can get them if they are not in this order. 

Organized chaos?  Maybe, but it's exciting to have straight pins, measuring tapes and more. 

Something else that came in...

... Joen Wolfram's Colour Tool, Wheel & a Ratio Tool. All tools to help quilters to interpret design choices and why some colours 'work' together better than others. 

And then there are some projects people have finished....

A hand tied small quilt made of assorted Mrs P's fabrics.  She tied on the back and looks lovely on the front and back.  An awesome job!

From a pattern by Karen Neary, also sold at Mrs P's...a collection of salvedges and yes- that orange on the left is a piece of Mrs P's ribbon.  That's so fun and exciting to think, she will carry the shop name along with her.  Another fabulous job.

As a tease, I'll show a piece of a hand quilted queen size quilt!  It was started during last years NS FibreFest- a hunter star workshop put on by the local guild.  This might not have been the original start project, as someone fell in love with the Florence line by Hoffman Fabric that was available at Mrs P's.  

Once she shows her project herself, I will show and tell a bit more. It is magnificent and a joy to behold.   

I really appreciate all those that have been bringing in your finished projects & allow me to take pictures and mention them in the blog.

Mark - Wed, April 9th on your calendar.  It's going to be project day!  I can hold up to 10 sewing machine and their 'operators'. I have 1 person confirmed of bringing in her machine and working the day away at Mrs P 's. If you would like to come and play- please let me know so I can have a table set up for you but if you want to play it by ear, by all means- drop in and see what's going on and stay to play if there is room.  I'll post more in a another blog to remind you. 

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