Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Hearty Good Wishes...

Is a line of beautiful nautical inspired prints by Janet Clare for Moda fabrics...

This is a jelly roll opened up to show some of the whales.  There are also seagulls, outlines of schooners, coral/ seaweed and more.  Ranging through ivory, sand to dark blue, the colours are very reminiscent of the Bay of Fundy although Janet Clare is from the United Kingdom. 

You can find her blog and website here:

Drop in and see the complete line -now in stock! - at Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc.  There are charm packs, jelly rolls and layer cakes available as well as the yardage.  

So, you may wonder why there is a jelly roll open...I cut 2 more 2 & 1/2 inch strips and cut those 2, plus the same print one from the jelly roll into 2 &1/2 squares and added one square onto the end of a shortened strip and another square onto the other end before attaching the next strip in the roll- lengthwise...working towards...yes, a jelly roll quilt !  

Enquiring minds, want to know what a jelly roll will make.  It's worth $49.95- is it enough to make a quilt top?  How big is the top?  So, Mrs P's decided, to see, but just adding end to end, even on slant, didn't really appeal...then there was the square added in between each strip....hmmmm, that's might be fun.  (Only the two lighter strips are used as extra )

So far, after just about an hour, the strips are joined end to end with the square in between.  Now, to find the other end and sew 1 seam lengthwise end to end.  Then those pieces are joined lengthwise and sewn.  This is done until you reach the desired width.  You will have 2 inch  horizontal strips of fabric making the quilt.  Thinking of the waves rippling in at the beach or the ridge lines on the sandbars made by the tide on the way out- I think this is an ideal use of this method of using jelly roll strips.

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