Friday, 14 March 2014

International Quilt Day...

Yes, it's true! Tomorrow is International Quilt Day!  

What do quilts mean to you?  As a quilter, maybe they are an outlet for your creativity.  As a owner of a quilt, maybe it holds a special story or memory for you.  As a potential quilter, there is an air of mystery that, yes, you can create a quilt.  

Quilts used to be a necessity- created for warmth and crafted from scraps of fabric into works of art.   In today's world, material is much more readily available and in bigger pieces, yet the need to make quilts and their beauty remains.  

To celebrate International Quilt Day...

This quilt lives on a spare bed.  It is a bow tie quilt and I never thought much about it. Looking at it now, I realize it is hand quilted and also- hand pieced.  The block is a bow tie block made from templates- set in a circle pattern. 

It's not particularly warm, the batting is pretty thin, but it is an awesome quilt!  You can't help but reach out and touch the bow ties & pick your favourite colour. Sometimes it will be a stripe, other times it might be the blue polka dots or maybe the daisies.  

The corners are rounded and just fits a double bed.  Perfect!  

Sadly, I don't know much about who made it or when it arrived in our house.  My Dad thinks it might have been a wedding present (1960), but he's not sure.  Mum would know, but she never wrote the quilt 'pedigree' down.   

In celebration of International Quilt Day, Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc, will have a new pattern for sale tomorrow by Karen Neary of Sew Karen-ly Created...  Mrs P's will have 'the' quilt on display starting tomorrow.  It's a beautiful quilt made with Stof precuts... Stay tuned &/or check Karen's blog on her web site

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