Thursday, 13 March 2014

A Friendship Quilt for Marsha..

This past Saturday, Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc had a couple of very special guests. Marsha Cleveland, past editor of 'The Canadian Quilter', the newsletter/magazine of CQA/ACC and Dorinda McCully, CQA/ACC  NS's Regional Represenative.   

Dorinda and her husband came from Antigonish, NS with a very special quilt for Marsha on behalf of the Canadian Quilter's Association/ Association Canadienne de la Courtepointe to thank Marsha for being the Editor of The Canadian Quilter magazine for the past15 years.  (Marsha has just retired.) The Canadian Quilters Association is a National organization for quilters all across Canada with also members from some other countries.

The name of the quilt is 'Marsha's Friendship Quilt'.  The friendship star blocks were made by members of the CQA/ACC from all over Canada.  Dorinda McCully ( on the left) presents Marsha Cleveland with the quilt.  It is an amazing quilt and so are the thougts behind it.  ( photo by KA Neary)

The Amherst News very kindly came along for the presentation as well.  You may read their article here

For more information on the CQAACC, please visit their website at

You may sign up for an individual subscription which will allow you to receive the magazine on a quarterly basis. 

This is a great magazine for seeing what guilds are doing in other parts of Canada, reading profiles on quilters and staring in awe at pictures of some of the most spectacular quilts you have ever seen. 

Even Teddy, the hexie making bear, was amazed that they are discussing paper piecing hexies and showed some different layouts, in the 'Gizmos & Widgits' section by Daphne. There is also a great ad by Janome.  It's practically a blank page for you to design your 'dream quilt' on.  Totally brilliant! 

Not available in stores, means... non quilters, may never have seen this magazine.  It is only available with a subscription and contains Canadian content- which can be sadly lacking in the American magazines.  A great magazine and resource for Canadian Quilters and people interested in being quilters.  

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