Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My Mum's Sewing Room...

Blast from the past...

...My Mum's sewing machine...
My Mum loved to sew, knit and bake.  She disliked crochet & embroidery with floss.  Mum would 'dissappear' for 10 minutes to her 'sewing room'.  Her sewing room really was the cabinet, that my Dad made for her, to house her new sewing machine in.  For awhile it was close by the kitchen and family, later it moved upstairs to the spare bedroom. 

No matter where the sewing machine sat, we were taught that it was her space.  Fear of needles, pins and extra sharp scissors were the normal and not for use in cutting paper- no matter how pretty of a job the pinking shears did on that piece of paper.

My Mum started to loose her vision when she was 55.  For close to 20 years, her health fluctuated and her eyes deteriorated.  I think that's why I love colour.  I would try to describe the greens in the spring and the autumn hues to her.  There are never enough words to describe colour.

It also explains why I like a nice feel or 'hand' to the fabric, as that is how many a conversation started with my Mum. "Feel that!", I'd say, while trying to describe what it looked like.  It helped her to connect with what others were seeing. 

I was digging around in her sewing machine drawers, looking for the infamous pinking shears, and I found a treasure trove of things she held dear.  It's truly amazing.  There are notes we wrote as kids, pieces of material I vaguely remember wearing as a dress and her sewing supplies.

One of the items I found is how she held her buttons in the drawer.  I know there is an old square box of Pot of Gold full of buttons as well, but I had not seen this button holder.  The first thing I noticed, was the feel.  It's made of a soft supple leather and sits flat.  It has a nice heft to to without being heavy...

Mum's Button Holder

It has an awesome look to it as it opens...

And as it spills it contents....
For the love of Buttons!
 You realise it's buttons- from the past!
Mum's 'sewing room' is now mine and I see it as our own family time capsule.  I'll treat you to a few other  things as I find them; although I clean pretty slow. They may not have much to do with a quilt shop, but they explain why I want to have a quilt shop.
Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Ltd. is about exploring new ideas, reconnecting with the past and enjoying yourself- even if you can only spare 15 or 20 minutes, you can trim some fabric or stitch a seam- if you have a small area for your sewing machine set up.
What 'secrets' are you putting away for the next generation? Or, to paraphrase a tv commercial...What's in your 'drawers'?
Have a great day! And don't worry about those drawers full of sewing items and family treasures- someday, they will be the best thing to happen to someone!  


  1. The button bag reminds me of a bag of "pirate's gold" and for any fabric enthusiast That is exactly what it is.

  2. What a nice tribute to your mom's craft. I have my sewing room right off the family room so I can go in and sew for whatever time I have in-between other tasks. The beauty of this is that I just walk into the family room and hubby is there doing his own thing.
    My daughters are not interested in sewing, sports is their thing but my grand-daughters are liking sewing so they will inherit whatever is in my treasured sewing corner.
    Every beautiful greeting card they give mw on special occasions or just a note of endearment I put in my cook books. Both daughters and son love to cook so I know they will enjoy looking at the notes when they share the cookbooks.
    I love your post...
    My grand-mother was blind and she used to knit socks. I was the one to choose the yarn and enjoyed describing the color she was working with.
    My mom.. 93 is now experencing some vison loss and we just found out there is no hope to better it (: She loves colorful fabrics and I pray she will always be able to see s little.