Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Too early for Christmas?...

Not for fabrics!...

Wintergreen - 3 Sisters- by Moda
 Another Moda precut has arrived!  This one has traditional to primitive colours in the roll.  It is called, Wintergreen and is designed by 3 Sisters. 

How nice it would be to snuggle under a Christmas Quilt...

Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes
Wintergreen is also available as a Layer Cake or 10x10 inch squares at Mrs Pugsley's Emporium.  In the above picture, is Winter's Lane, another Moda jelly roll in stock.  It is not so traditional, having cranberry reds with aqua and browns. Both are very pretty, though. 

       Please note, no shipping will be available until July at the earliest.

Life is a road to travel on.  Enjoy your journey today and everyday! 

A Nova Scotia Road

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