Saturday, 8 June 2013

First Guild Meeting...

Cumberland Quilt Guild invited Mrs P's to visit...
The physical location of Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Ltd.
Proud to be located in Amherst, Nova Scotia

I was invited to talk about my shop, Mrs Pugsley's Emporium or, Mrs P's, at the Cumberland Quilt Guilds' last meeting of this year.

I've never been to a guild meeting before, and I quickly learned, the end of the year ones are the best!  There was a lot of socialisation with laughter interspersed with food, yummy desserts, a show and tell and some games. 

I won't mention individual names, as I forgot to get their permission to mention them.  I would like to profile some of the work of the different guild members later, with their permission. 

Guild members brought their work to show the others and their  projects were fabulous!  Such a variety of different projects on the go.  Wonderful talent and each project has the uniqueness that gives it their own 'stamp'.  I could only look on in awe. 

There were examples of hand quilting, machine stitching, workshop projects, applique, piecing and so on.  The home we were at, had the most beautiful primitive quilts.  She had them displayed on the wall and kept that warm country feel through her house. 

I admit that I really, really like those primitive quilts but, as we discussed with great laughter- our personalities help pick the colours.  I'd be afraid of being bored with working with the muted colours but seeing her finished projects, I'm hoping to try someday.  I really admire her work and all the others of the guild. 

I'd like to thank the guild for inviting Mrs P's to come and explain what the shop hopes to be and the chance to answer some questions, including when the shop may open. (Hoping now for late July/early Aug)

Island Sun Batik by Moda
As a thank you for inviting me and because I appreciate what this group does, especially at the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival in October, they were all treated to a Fat Quarter of Island Sun batik by Moda.  I hope they'll smile and remember their fun night when they use it in their next project, either as a group or individually. 

As a thank you for coming, the hostess presented me with a pin cushion.  She made it- it's awesome!

Pin Cushion- totally fun!
Thank you so much to the guild for sharing their evening with me and for doing the good they do in our community.   


  1. I have to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing you at our Guild end of season meeting. It was so much fun listening to you talk about your new endeavour. I truly hope that it will be a success.
    A very big thank you for the gifts that you handed out. What a pleasant surprise. Batiks are so versatile and such a rainbow of color.
    Thanks again Mrs. P !!

  2. Since I hope to be coming your way this summer, I am hoping you will be open by the time I get there!