Monday, 27 May 2013

A little at a time...

Some days are overwhelming...

Mrs Pugsley's Emporium or Mrs P's, as I shorten it to- is coming along.  Not everything works along as you'd expect it to. 

As in making a quilt, putting together a business is a challenge.  Sometimes, all the tools are in place- other times, you need a seam ripper- it didn't quite sew in the way it should have.  Nothing major, it's the placement of a block, not looking quite right.  In this case, the existing shelving I have is scattered throughout the building.  I want a different 'feel' to the store, so I shift and I shift pieces around until I am happy.  I expected this to be easier than it is turning out to be. 

One way for the block...but....

I plan to have an area set up for classes or tables to do projects on, and I will need more plugs, I'm in a cue at the electricians- so move on to something else.  Hmmm- I think I'll move the piano.  It's on wheels, no problem- except; a) where should I move it to ? and b) the wall should be painted.

The wall to be painted is fine but the piano is looking a little lost where I ended up with it.  Turns out a couple of other pieces needed to be moved as well. could do it this way too if you wanted to...

As I wander around, store layouts wander though my head.  To deal with the layout, I've set a list of priorities and work away at that list.  For Mrs P's- it's about having fun with what you are doing.  That it's 'fun', doesn't mean it is easy or not challenging.  I do not want wall to wall fabric with little room to move- I want open space to think and dream in supplemented by the colours in the fabric.  The fabric will be the focus and I hope to have it on display, so that it invites you to touch and imagine what you can do with it.  The challenge with it all, is the function of the layout.  

It's easy to line the walls with fabric; how will it look off the wall, yet stay clean, be accessible and easy to pick up a bolt for cutting? The plan needs more tweaking for sure, but its coming along. 

...Tweaking to see what works...
I'm learning patience, not all quilts are made quickly but perseverance will push us through to the end and hopefully the result will be fabulous! 

Have a great day! 


  1. Your blocks are gorgeous and I know your shop will be lovely too. Can't wait to see it. Wish I lived loser so I could help you. Ity sounds like fun in spite of it being challenging.

  2. Your shop will be as lovely and unique as its owner. Quilt blocks look great too!