Monday, 20 May 2013

Aqua & Red...

Another Moda 'Jelly Roll' !
Winter's Lane: a Moda Jelly Roll
It is cold in Nova Scotia, this long holiday ( Victoria Day ) weekend, so maybe it's apt that I share with you, Mrs Pugsley's Emporium has a new Moda Jelly Roll in, Winter's Lane. 

I am intrigued by the palette of aqua and red.  I think they are beautiful to look at together, but I worry that they will become dated and I'm not sure how the colours will fit in my house.  I decided to take the chance and try to make something from these colours.  Like always, how much should I get?  I don't want a major investment, but I do want the colours.  They look so new and modern.  A jelly roll, I thought...that would work perfect!

I also thought I wanted a white background quilt.  Now, quilters and painters will be smirking at that last statement.  White is a hard colour to match.  There are a lot of whites! Turns out, the 'white' background in Winter's Lane does not match my white.  No great surprise, but a bit of a disappointment. 

Winter's Lane, opened!
 There are a lot of browns and taupe in the roll, as well.  Browns are not my favourite colours.  Have I made a mistake in trying to do something with this Jelly Roll, begins as small whisper in my head...

No, it's now a challenge! I look at some simple block patterns, cut out some squares and start playing around. I ended up checking out the Moda Bakeshop looking at patterns for precuts.  I kept coming back to Kissing Stars Quilt, designed by Crystal Hendrix found here- 

I wondered if I could make it work for smaller squares?  I would need a solid colour to showcase the star/kiss on, hmmm... I have a beautiful red by Stoff...will it work?

Off I went to try.  I read and studied the pattern on line.  It's simple but I made it harder!  I didn't go back to check and attached the block pieces wrong.   It's a bit too bulky and one set of squares went off a bit.  Using the correct instructions, should fix all these problems!  I just wanted to see if looked okay!

Kissing Stars block

I think it does!  We can be very critical of ourselves- quilting should be fun and about creating.  Not something that is a chore.  I was excited about the colours of aqua and red and I still am. I'm also a visual person and as I work away on this, I now am becoming curious- how big of a project will the Jelly Roll stretch into?  I like the happy red Stoff around the star but I may add a white sashing between the blocks.

A bit of a fun adventure for me this weekend!

And yes!, there are more of these Moda Winter's Lane Jelly Rolls for sale.  Please email for info.  They are $49.95 plus applicable taxes. Shipping extra. 

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  1. Love the colours together, and that soft grey is wonderful. So pretty!