Saturday, 11 May 2013

Doodle Kits!...

What was I 'working' on for La Guilde Acadienne de Clare and friends - trunk show...

                                             I call them Doodle Kits!

What do you need to play with, if you want to quilt?  Fabric, batting, thread, some tools and imagination!

These small kits start with Freckles by Northcott in Mrs Pugsley's Emporium favourite colours- purple and orange - each cut into 5x5 inch squares and a WOF of 2&1/2 inch in Shades of the Season by Robert Kaufman. 

Batting is Legacy 100% wool batting in about a 6 inch square.

Thread is Konfetti by Wonderfil in orange or purple and InvisaFil by Wonderfil as well.  Not a huge amount- enough to 'doodle' with on the 5x5 square. 

All labeled & packaged in a plastic sandwich bag.

I'm hoping la guilde members will supply their tools &  imagination and send pictures of their 'doodles' to Mrs P's email for posting!  

Thank you again, for inviting me to share your day !

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  1. Hey.. it is us who cannot thank you enough. IWe will never forget our and your first trunk show.. It will go down in teh guild's history as an event unforgetable. Thank you for the Doodle kits you can bet the membres will come up with a good use for them.
    Now that you know the route here I hope you will visit again, even just to visit! You are a gem!