Monday, 26 May 2014

Totally for fun...

Sometimes, we want to decorate, quickly and easily.  Using fabric can be a way to add colour and a nostalgic feel to a celebration.  People who do not sew are amazed at some of things that can be made from fabric.  

Recently in Halifax, a store had a banner made of pennants with a pinked circle sewen on it with a letter markered inside. It was beautiful !  Together, it read 'Happy Birthday' but it would be limited only by your imagination.  

There are all kinds of ways to make pennants and to string them up. 

Recently, I found a way to make a pennant from a 10 inch square.  Don't despair if you do not have access to a package of 10 inch squares- you can cut  a 10 inch width of fabric that you like & get 4 squares or use a fat quarter.  Mrs P's will cut any width that you need, so feel free to mix and match what you like.  

I was intrigued by this oriental pattern that has come in by Red Rooster, Tadashi.  There is a lovely panel and this is one of the 4 complimentary fabric to the panel.

First, the 4 ...10 inch squares were cut out.  

Next, the square is folded in 1/2 diagonally and one side is sewn.  It doesn't matter which side.

Now, turn the sewn square inside out.  Centre the seam in the middle of the back of the pennant and press.  Careful poking the tip- we really don't want a hole, but if that happens- sew the seam shut again.  

You would make more than one!  For this example, I used a piece of ribbon that was handy, but you could use ribbon, binding tape, twill tape, or any string.  This works best for a flat 'stringer' as the flap will be sewn done over the ribbon.  If it's a round 'stringer, a casing  could be made but to prevent the pennants from sliding on the string, they will need a few stitches though the 'stringer' and the pennant. 

Above, the back of the pennant.  Note, I did not stitch the raw edges down.  Depending how you will be using the finished project, back of a chair, hung from the rafters, or in a window... You can sew a quick stitch to hold the flap down.  The square can be any size, so experiment! 

Ta Da!  A finished pennant.  Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc has a lot of oriental fabrics in stock and I think this would be an awesome way to showcase them.  The elegant fabric is enhanced by having a finished edged rather than a raw edged look - but a pinked edge would be a lovely finish on some other more 'rustic' fabric and be totally fun.   I can see trying some of those too!  

Using a fusible web ( Wonder-Under, for example) you could fuse on letters or numbers or animals or...
A piece of batting could be put inside and then you could practice quilting on a small project to gain confidence.  The possibilities are truly endless!  

Let you imagination run free and enjoy! 

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  1. Awesome idea. Please save some of this material for my Convergence project