Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bazinga !! ...

Yes it's true!  Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc has 'the Big Bang Theory' fabric in stock!  

There are 3 different patterns & colours to pick from.  The blue <Bazinga Glow> has atomic symbols and Bazinga!.  The white <Heroes in Space> has the characters posing in their favorite super hero costumes  and the black <Cast and Elements> has the characters and their names.  The fabric is printed under license by David Textiles, Inc.

There's a lot of vibrancy and fun in the fabric.  A pillowcase was in order, but I really liked the white fabric as the big piece and that meant the 2 darker colours would be together...

So, I  went with a Michael Miller print ( also in stock) as a band.  This picture shows the beginning of a French seam.  It looks so odd- starting to sew the pillowcase together- right side out- but is necessary so the product can be turned inside out and thus seam is then enclosed by putting a seam line on the inside.  

So, when we turn this right side out....

It's the finished product!

Pillowcases are fun to make and don't be afraid to play with their creations.

Beside the finished pillowcase is a kitted pillowcase by Mrs P's and it has stripes for the accent band...but they don't run parallel.  Another suggestion is the Glow in the Dark Fairy Frost by Micael Miller Fabrics....that would be fun too!  ( also in stock)

A quilt would be awesome too!  Sometimes though, a smaller project is needed for a gift and pillowcases are wonderful. ..

This pillowcase I have made with Hoffman's Bali Paradise line.  It is so crisp and summery looking.  Again there are 3 different prints to chose from- all in the Sea Breeze colour way.  I liked it best with this solid ( now carrying Michael Miller Cotton Couture- but more in a later post! ) called Candlelight.  It added a pop of colour without being too overbearing and Cotton Couture by Michael Miller is so soft to feel.  A perfect gift for a special Aunt! 

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