Thursday, 15 May 2014

Fit for a princess...

This is Moda brushed cotton. It has a soft, flannel like nap, but is not too thick.  The castles in the sky make me smile every time I see it.  Don't we all wish we could live there and see the world at our own pace?  I'm pretty sure it's an illusion and time management is key.  

This coming Monday, in Halifax, a Royal Couple is touring some key spots there, off to The Ship Hector in Pictou and then to PEI. I'd be happy seeing just one of those places in a day!  Of course, I tend to meander and wander off the beaten path somedays- so my time management can be non existent.  That in turn pulls us back to the shop and how somedays, I get a lot done, other days- I meander.

I have 2 bolts of the brushed cotton.  One the green teal with very small white stars, the other- castles in the sky- is a pale almost peachy-pink with sand coloured castles and white clouds.  

The actual name of this line is Storybook by Kate & Birdie Paper Co for Moda.  I think the name is very fitting and it would make a lovely back for a quilt.  Or it could be used to add some whimsy to an eye spy quilt.  

Have a grand day!  Entertain your whimsical side and dare to dream! 

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