Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Is a Danish company that produces an interesting array of fabric.  It does has a Scandinavia feel to some prints but for the most part, they are just a bit different from a traditional print.  There is a sense of whimsy but not so avant grade that you cannot use it with your stash at home.  

The three Stof cotton prints are in their Quilters Basic Perfect line.  I'm not saying thiese are 3 colours to put together, but rather, just look at the fun.  The newsprint style on the background is not in English, but French, which adds to the whimsy.  There's not enough printed in the squares to read- just a few words here and there.  It's a totally fabulous print!

The gray flowered print has enough light to help keep it from just being grey/gray. ( I'm never sure which is the Canadian way to spell gray- so I alternate!). Small petal  flowers  allow your eyes to move around on the print which will add some interest to a normally staid colour.  

The row houses in green, blue and yellows is just plain fun!  It is a one direction print ... but who hasn't wanted to live in an upside down house?  can be your answer if you want to flip the print in your squares.  Green is dramatic but with the blue, you spy the houses and smile.  It's reminds me of a village or neighbourhood and of a city block.  It's hip and urban.

Drop in to see theses fabrics and many more!  A couple of big boxes have also arrived with some more notions.  Mary Ellen's Best Press in all fragrances including no fragrance are some of the items!  

Enjoy your day!

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