Friday, 29 May 2015

An evening of Bargello....

Mrs P's was very fortunate to have Joy Rector come in on this past Tues evening for an informative yet informal talk on her journey into Bargello.  

Thank you to everyone who came out and also to those who wanted to come, but couldn't. There were quite a few that are interested in learning some hands on experience with Bargellos and Joy will get back regarding a time, place ( it might even be Mrs P's!), how many in a class and how much.  I will keep you posted through the blog.

One of her stunning works in progress! 

If there is something you would like a small informal evening on, please email or come come see me in the shop and we can see about finding someone that can give a presentation on it.  Or if you'd like to be the presenter- samething. 

There are so many types of quilting out there and even if you may not want to make a full sized quilt - it's fun to learn different techniques. I marvel at the talent that exists locally in quilting!  

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