Thursday 28 February 2013

Seeing Spots...

Patrick Lose "Mix Masters Luminescence" for Robert Kaufman
These gorgeous fabrics arrived in today!  They are bright, bold and so beautiful.  I thought they were flannels when I first saw them- but they are 100% cotton and just so eye catching.
There is a depth to the fabric, that just draws you in and the colour is so vibrant and cheery! I think of fireflies in the summer...or  travelling in space...  A quilt to sit upon or wrap around yourself while star gazing on a fine summers' evening... 
The line inspires whimsy!  ... What would you create? ...

Looking for a vowel?
And another fun print that has arrived, just in case you were lost for words...

Every day is an adventure and I appreciate your comments and taking time to read Mrs P's blog on your busy days.

The type size is bigger, as I usually use an i product- and the print was a bit small.  This may translate to -too big- on a regular computer screen.  My apologies, I'm still learning.

Mrs P's is not yet open, but if you would like to comment directly to me- ,should get me.  I would appreciate letting me know if there is a fabric colour or fabric line that you would like to see carried.  This is a brand new adventure for me and I want you to enjoy what Mrs P's has to offer.

Have a great day!

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Mrs P's Mystery...Revealed?

Looking for Fun!

Hi again!  I thought the above image was apt for Mrs P's blog today.  I'm ready to reveal what I've been up to...FABRIC !  I have been intrigued by the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival  in October for the past 5 years and I've decided to switch the focus of Mrs Pugsley's Emporium to quilting. 

Tentatively named, Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Quirky Quilts, it will be located at the old clocktower in Amherst, Nova Scotia (Canada) and will also have an on-line presence.  A lot of details are still being smoothed out and I hope to share both the ups and downs with the running of  a new business plus to showcase what is in stock and events that are happening, both in and out of the shop. 

I'll show what bothers me with buying cuts of fabric, such as...

...loosing 1 & 1/2  inches or more when you square the fabric up. Drives me nuts.  I think having the fabric on the straight of grain is important. 

Mrs P's is trying to figure out a way to be quick about cutting the fabric and doing it on the grain.  (This fabric is not a dayle's cut- they know how to use scissors straight !)

Then, there are just the totally fun days , that I can share with you....

Mrs P's Wheels ?
( It's a 1917 Model T Ford )
Covered Bridge on Tantramar Marsh near Sackville, NB
Products that have come in...

Moda Precut Charm Packs...

I had to open it!...

And Hoffman
 by the metre...
...just for the fabric buffs out there - to see what type of materials Mrs Pugsley's Emporium will be carrying.  This is just the beginning of shipments.
I'm excited about this venture and hope you are too. 
I will post contact information as I get more organised.
As always, thank you for sharing your time with Mrs P's blog!


Wednesday 20 February 2013

Mrs Pugsley's 'Fog'

Hi again!

This is a test post to see if the RSS feed is working, but....

...One Foggy Day...
Fort Beausejour, New Brunswick

Being out in the fog can be exciting!  Our sense of sound is heightened as we listen to make up for our limited vision. Our skin tingles with the feel of fog brushing along exposed skin. We are aware that we have limited vision, so we adapt by using our other senses- most of which, we take for granted.

When was the last time you listened to your inner voice- no rhyme or reason for what you want to do- just you want to do it, and in your heart, you know it can work? A gut feeling with the bonus of making you happy?

Both scenarios have an element of  'danger' in the unknowns.

Mrs Pugsley's Emporium is in a bit of a 'fog' embarking on a new adventure.  It's exciting , but scary- all at the same time!

Monday 18 February 2013

The Learning Curve Bends...

More learning,

Wow! I'm working on attaching RRS.  It's turning out to be harder than I think it should be.  I may have it, so I'll post this and then check.  If it's not there, I'll try again later.

Umm, let's show another picture- since I did learn how to do that today!

Through the Looking Water
Atlanta, Georgia

Mrs P's viewfinder


I'm back! Experimenting with photos this time.

Atlanta Aquarium
It worked!  Kinda of   :)
Let's try another from my collection of oddball pictures...

Wheel Fun at Hantsport, Nova Scotia

Mrs P ?

Thank you for letting me learn to post pictures. I hope you have/had a fun day!

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Still trying...

I'm still trying to get the hang of this. 

Mrs.P's is short for Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium, so it made sense to make the blog - Mrs P's.  I admit to being the owner and alter ego of Mrs. Pugsley.  She is a bit oddball-loves colour especially purple and orange.  Mrs P is a bit more flamboyant and outgoing than her creator, but has the same sense of fun. 

Formerly selling gift ware, Mrs P's is located in Amherst, Nova Scotia - in the clocktower building.  ( We'll do a post later on the building)  Excitingly,  the business is changing focus and it should be up and running at full strength by September 2013.

I need to learn to post pictures, so that's my next learning curve. 

Cheers for now!