Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Mrs P's Mystery...Revealed?

Looking for Fun!

Hi again!  I thought the above image was apt for Mrs P's blog today.  I'm ready to reveal what I've been up to...FABRIC !  I have been intrigued by the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival http://www.fibreartsfestival.com  in October for the past 5 years and I've decided to switch the focus of Mrs Pugsley's Emporium to quilting. 

Tentatively named, Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Quirky Quilts, it will be located at the old clocktower in Amherst, Nova Scotia (Canada) and will also have an on-line presence.  A lot of details are still being smoothed out and I hope to share both the ups and downs with the running of  a new business plus to showcase what is in stock and events that are happening, both in and out of the shop. 

I'll show what bothers me with buying cuts of fabric, such as...

...loosing 1 & 1/2  inches or more when you square the fabric up. Drives me nuts.  I think having the fabric on the straight of grain is important. 

Mrs P's is trying to figure out a way to be quick about cutting the fabric and doing it on the grain.  (This fabric is not a dayle's cut- they know how to use scissors straight !)

Then, there are just the totally fun days , that I can share with you....

Mrs P's Wheels ?
( It's a 1917 Model T Ford )
Covered Bridge on Tantramar Marsh near Sackville, NB
Products that have come in...

Moda Precut Charm Packs...

I had to open it!...

And Hoffman
 by the metre...
...just for the fabric buffs out there - to see what type of materials Mrs Pugsley's Emporium will be carrying.  This is just the beginning of shipments.
I'm excited about this venture and hope you are too. 
I will post contact information as I get more organised.
As always, thank you for sharing your time with Mrs P's blog!



  1. Stop by Avonport. They use a rotary cutter and straight edge. it's fabulous.

  2. This is SO exciting, and such wonderful news for the town of Amherst. This is a great bonus for our Fibre Arts Festival as well, to have these top quality, cutting edge fabrics available right here. With thanks for your vision and courage, and congratulations on this new venture. Now...how do I get to be the first customer?!?

  3. Oh my Gosh I am so excited. Even though I live at the other end of the province in the South Western part I can travel to Amherst in a jiffy and do so at least once a year to attend Karen Neary's workshop. You can be certain we will meet. Congratulation! Wishing you all the best in your new adventure...