Thursday, 28 February 2013

Seeing Spots...

Patrick Lose "Mix Masters Luminescence" for Robert Kaufman
These gorgeous fabrics arrived in today!  They are bright, bold and so beautiful.  I thought they were flannels when I first saw them- but they are 100% cotton and just so eye catching.
There is a depth to the fabric, that just draws you in and the colour is so vibrant and cheery! I think of fireflies in the summer...or  travelling in space...  A quilt to sit upon or wrap around yourself while star gazing on a fine summers' evening... 
The line inspires whimsy!  ... What would you create? ...

Looking for a vowel?
And another fun print that has arrived, just in case you were lost for words...

Every day is an adventure and I appreciate your comments and taking time to read Mrs P's blog on your busy days.

The type size is bigger, as I usually use an i product- and the print was a bit small.  This may translate to -too big- on a regular computer screen.  My apologies, I'm still learning.

Mrs P's is not yet open, but if you would like to comment directly to me- ,should get me.  I would appreciate letting me know if there is a fabric colour or fabric line that you would like to see carried.  This is a brand new adventure for me and I want you to enjoy what Mrs P's has to offer.

Have a great day!


  1. Your type is a fine size on my large monitor so no worries there.
    Love the Luminescence - so many colours!

  2. Beth, Everyone is excited to hear about your new adventure. Can't wait till you open your doors. Pauline