Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Mrs Pugsley's 'Fog'

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...One Foggy Day...
Fort Beausejour, New Brunswick

Being out in the fog can be exciting!  Our sense of sound is heightened as we listen to make up for our limited vision. Our skin tingles with the feel of fog brushing along exposed skin. We are aware that we have limited vision, so we adapt by using our other senses- most of which, we take for granted.

When was the last time you listened to your inner voice- no rhyme or reason for what you want to do- just you want to do it, and in your heart, you know it can work? A gut feeling with the bonus of making you happy?

Both scenarios have an element of  'danger' in the unknowns.

Mrs Pugsley's Emporium is in a bit of a 'fog' embarking on a new adventure.  It's exciting , but scary- all at the same time!

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