Friday, 30 August 2013

When old cars & Quilting Collide...

Berwick, Nova Scotia
I was fortunate to visit Berwick, Nova Scotia this summer.  It was a Model T evening.  A local Model T enthusiast/owner, John Eaton, and the Apple Capital Interpretive Centre worked together to have an evening of, Model T rides, an informative talk on Henry Ford about the Model T in particular and it was followed by ice cream. 

Model T, Berwick, NS
I thought it was a super evening.  Then, I went in the Apple Interpretive centre and it became a fantastic evening.  On the 2nd floor- they had a great display of what a kitchen would look like- complete with a sewing machine (treadle) set up. 

As I turned to go back out, I realised I missed a spectacular part of the centre.

Scenes from Nova Scotia
Quilt by Muriel Horsnell of Weston, NS
entered into Atlantic Winter Fair 1971
It is a quilt that has small paintings of iconic Nova Scotia scenes accented with yellow squares.  Each of the corners has a different emblem from Nova Scotia- mayflowers, a thistle from NS tartan and a couple of variations on the NS flag.

close ups of the quilt

It's a remarkable piece of art.  The tag on it - from the Atlantic Winter Fair 1971 - states it came in 2nd place! It was entered in; Quilt, any other kind (Artex Liquid Embroidery) and donated by Sally Horsnell to the Berwick Museum Society. It makes you wonder what 1st place looked like!

I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy this quilt in person at the Apple Capital Interpretive Centre in Berwick, NS.

On a related note, the Cumberland County Exhibition-located in Oxford, NS, is now on and I'm planning to get there before it ends Sat night and see what is on exhibit in the handicraft section. Have you been to your local fair lately?   

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