Saturday, 17 August 2013

Introducing the Chubbie...

Yes, the Flabbie ( a 1/2 m width of fabric cut) has a stablemate... The Chubbie !

Mrs P's offers up Chubbies !
Mrs P's was able to get an assorted amount of 2 metre cuts. The wholesaler decides what goes in the boxes, so I'm as surprised by the assortment as everyone else.  I'd recommend to wash this fabric as it does not come in plastic bags and it truly is an assortment in boxes.

I decided to take these to the 'street' today.  It's Blueberry Harvest Festival in Amherst and it was a lovely day.  I put out a few tables and started to see what kind of interest there was in my soon-to-be shop and the Chubbie. 

There was interest in everything! Lots of people were surprised I was turning Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc. into a quilt shop but very supportive.  Others were excited by the prospect of more fabric in town.  It was a great chance to talk with people and see what they would like in a quilt shop.

I will be up and running in September!  I'll keep you posted for my hours and days I'll be at work. 



  1. Just in time for our visit in October1 Yippee♥

  2. I am in Moncton in mid-September. Hope I can catch you then!