Friday, 20 February 2015

It might be a Snowday? this Sat!

This was taken just a couple of minutes ago...

More snow! 

Please email or phone 902-661-4260  if planning to go to the shop today.  For now, it is not open due to weather.

The Trans Canada here is closed due to white-out conditions.  Here's the problem...

Uhm, apparently, we may be the only area affected in the province!  Who knew we were so special?  
(Screen grap from the Weather Network)

Enjoy our snow day! 

As an update, Mrs P's will remained closed today due to the weather conditions.  Literally, the sun is shining on one side, yet visibility is so poor on the other side of the house- you cannot see across the street.   Lots of road accidents are being reported.  Highways are closed, open, closed etc.

This pic is the Tantamar Marsh from the NB RCMP Twitter account...

Although, closed today, Mrs P's will be open tomorrow, Sat from 10 am to 2pm- weather permitting! 

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  1. Of course you are special. I've known that for awhile.;-)