Saturday, 7 February 2015

Valentine's Day Book Signing at Mrs P's!

Just in case you haven't heard....

Karen Neary's book has finally arrived from the publisher!  

She will be in to sign her new book, 'Quilting Beauties Come in All Shapes & Sizes' on Valentine's Day from 10am til 2pm! 

It's been a long journey for Karen.  Originally due in Oct 2014, Karen kindly hosted a showing of her New York Beauty quilts minus 'The Book Quilts' at Mrs P's during the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival in October. 

Part of the 'delay' was the publisher & Karen deciding to put the book patterns on a cd-rom, allowing you to print the patterns instead of tracing them or having them photocopied as was the normal before.  The pictures are fabulous, making 'Quilting Beauties, Come in all Shapes & Sizes' a very attractive book for quilters and non quilters. 

For a quilter, If you have never made a pattern by Karen, you are in for a treat!  She has pattern testers that give their input, making it easier for you to follow and understand how to make the block/pattern. 

New York Beauty blocks have spikes and curves that look intimidating, but Karen, explains bit by bit, and following her instructions, a block appears. The best part....all the parts fit together!  It's not a speedy process - the first New York Beauty Block you will make, but it's a real joy to work on her projects.

I'm a bit biased!  She's from Five Islands in Colchester County, NS and currently lives in Amherst.  She once challenged me to make a block...and I did it!  All by following her instructions printed in her pattern.   A real accomplishment for a non quilter!  That little block, is the potholder, that hangs behind the cash at Mrs P's...reminding me, I can do 'this'.

Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc is so pleased to announce, Karen and some of 'The Book Quilts' will be at Mrs P's in Amherst on Valentine's Day, Feb 14, 2015 for The Book Signing!  Yes, it's a Sat.  Mrs P's will be open from 10 am til 2pm that day.   Remember, Karen ❤️'s New York Beauty Quilts!  

Just to whet your curiosity...above is one of the NY Beauty Quilts by Karen Neary in the book! 

In celebration of Valentines Day, Mrs P's will also host a fat quarter swap.  It's fairly simple and meant to be simple.  Check your fabric stash, find a fat quarter that you no longer need/can live without and bring it in to be traded for another fat quarter.  Limit yourself to 1 piece of fabric to swap.  If you want to get rid of fabric and bring it in, that's fine too but it will only be traded for 1 fat quarter that will be in a designated area.  The idea is to help clean out some of your not being used fabric and maybe someone else will find a use for it.  

Mrs P's will start the trading with a few fat quarters on a table.  At the end of the day, any fabric not traded out will stay at Mrs P's to be either traded again or disposed of.  Mrs P's will not be reselling your fabric but it may be donated to someone, group or organization at a later date. (Any ideas on what to do with the fabric, please let me know.)

So dig around this week and see if you have a fat quarter that you are willing to swap for the unknown! It's meant to be fun and may become a monthly event.  Remember, Mrs P's ❤️'s Fabrics! 

Drop into Mrs P's on Valentine's Day from 10am to 2pm and enjoy the artistry of Karen Neary on display and hopefully, some the multitudes of fabric we all keep hidden/stashed away!  

Celebrate your passion this Valentine's Day! 



  1. I am sorry I can't be there to see all those lovely quilts. Congratulations to Karen on such a "Beauty"-full book.

  2. I will be there in spirit for sure!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the new book.

  4. OH I wish I could be there to see you and Karen!!! but I am afraid to get stuck on the Cobequid Pass for a week! Hope to see you soon !