Sunday, 26 October 2014

Trick or Treat? ....

For people that have not quilted before or have limited sewing hours, Mrs P's would like to share this 'quick' way to start making a simple quilt top...

Be warned that 'quick' is relative!  Time is still required to enhance your skill of quilting.

It starts with a 5 inch x 5 inch 'charm' square pack.  People like the 5x5 inch square packs with all the colours from one line.  They are simple, the colours work with each other and someone else has cut them already for you! ( quicker than cutting your own) If you are a beginner quilter, they are also a modest investment of $12.95 ( plus tax). 

Remember the baby quilt...

But beside making a quilt with 5x5 squares side by side, what can you do with them?...

For this project, 2&1/2 inch strips width of fabric (WOF)  were cut to go with the squares.  One strip had 8 single 5x5 squares sewn to it.

Then the stripes were laid out and the squares were cut off the strip- no measuring yet...

These 'squares' were then sewn on another strip and when cut apart...

They were rectangles and still no measuring!  The left corner has another strip folded waiting to add onto the long sides of the rectangle.  Again the new 'square' is added to the strip and then cut apart.  That lopsided square is then added to another strip and cut apart to form a frame around the original 5 inch square.  All without measuring...making it easier and quicker than measuring & cutting each side to frame the 5 inch square.

An easy way to add more fabric to those squares to make a simple quilt. 

By doing this, the original squares become the focus of the quilt and seem to float.   Your background fabric forming the frame also allows you to have a a less stressful time matching the seam lines of your blocks. 

As a different look,  here an 'unfinished' sqaure sits between finished blocks.  Note, the different look as each original square is surrounded by a 2&1/2 inch border.  Either way is fine- it's your creation!  

Witch Hazel by Riley Blake are the squares and there was only 21 blocks in the pack.  The frame fabric is by Alexander Henry and one of the Ghastlie backgrounds.  I may have added some other fun prints to make 24 Sebestian, the cat from the Ghastlies. 

To make 24 blocks, 1.25 metres in total of background was used. The block should finish at 9 inches but I sewed them on a machine that does not have a 1/4 inch foot so they finished at 8 & 3/4 inches, which for me is fine.  The key to this project is consistency in your stitching. 

I haven't put the squares together yet.  I was aiming for a table topper but it might have morphed into something bigger.  I'll post the final measurements and pictures soon.  

It's really can be that simple to start quilting! 

Trick or Treat!

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