Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I can not wait any longer....drumroll please...

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival this past week!

I can't wait any longer!  I was at the official and public Pin It Draw on Sat afternoon at 2 pm. I waited until now because I think it's only right that the Fibre Arts Festival officials get a hold of the winners and that the winner should know 1st!  I'm old, what can I say.  

I am now posting the list of names and prizes they won, in part because I had a lot of calls over the past 2 days, who won the trip? Mrs P's donated a trip for two to New York City via Showcase Productions ( also an Amherst group)  in support of Karen Neary ( another Amherst connection)  and her fabulous New York Beauty quilts.  (Some of those quilts were on display last week during the festival. Hope you had time to drop in and see them.)

Please note that I may have names spelled wrong or changes may have occurred if people had to refuse a prize. The official list would be with the NS Fibre Arts Festival.  Please check with them to confirm if your name is here and you have not been notified. I may have goofed and I apologize!  

Drumroll please .....

The New York trip- Congrats to Jan Boiduk
Karen's NY, NY quilt- Congrats to Heather Kellerman
Hand Woven Scarf- Congrats to Carol Gothreau
Cowl- Congrats to Faith Drinnan
Tapestry Bag- Congrats to Tammy Goodwink
Cross Stitch Kit- Congrats to Suzanne Costin
Shawlette- Congrats to Beth Dickinson
Crazy Quilt Pillow- Congrats to Katrina Furlong
Workshop-Congrats to Gail Baker
Moccasins - Congrats to Barb Black
Baby Booties/Brooch- Congrats to Diane Champagne
Handwoven Scarf- Congrats to Carol Baldock

Like I mentioned earlier....I may not have all the spellings right so please check with the NS Fibre Arts Festival to learn more. 

Thank you to all who bought a ticket and helped to support the NS Fibre Arts Festival.  

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