Thursday, 27 February 2014

Teddy is learning to quilt!...

      Mrs P's helped Teddy out a bit, as Teddy didn't want to use sharp scissors unsupervised!  

A large order has arrived at Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc.  It will take me a couple of days to figure out where to put it and how to display it all.  One 'item' In this order, is a gorgeous line by Moda, Printemps- designed by 3 Sisters.  Colours in the line are described as- linen, primrose, scarlet, buttercup and pond!   It really does look like 'spring'!

The pattern Teddy is using, is from Moda and Mrs P's has a few copies printed for those that are interested.  If you want to ensure there is one for you, please email or let me know & I'll get one printed for you.  (I am unable to print at Mrs P's at this point.). The pattern calls for 1inch hexagons forming the inner part of a Dresden plate square.  

Dresden plate ruler and packages of 1" hexes are both in stock at Mrs P's.   So far, Teddy has taken a charm pack and picked out the lighter colours and used a quarter of those 5 inch squares.  Then, using the paper pieces, the edges are basted through paper and fabric.  Those basted pieces are what you see in the picture above. 

Next, the hexagons will be joined into the 'circle' by hand sewing.  I'm hoping Teddy will continue with his great work and surprise me tomorrow as well.  The blades for the Dresden plate will be cut out of darker colours than used for the centre.  He's told me, since I'm taller (and when sitting, my feet reach the floor) - he'll let me do the machine sewing. 

Normal charm packs have 40 pieces- Printemps has 42.  Along with charm packs, 10 x10 Layer cakes and jelly rolls- Mrs Pugsley's Emporium Inc has the all of the Printemps fabrics in the line by the metre or 'on the bolt'!  

As always, please contact Mrs Pugsley's Empotium Inc if you wish any of these items and they can be shipped to you or put aside until you get in.

Pricing ...
Charm packs are $12.95
Layer cakes or Jelly rolls are $49.95 each
On the bolt- $14.95/ metre  $3.95/ fat quarter and $7.95/1/2 meter ( Flabbie) 
Check back soon to see Teddy's progress! 

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  1. Go Teddy, Go Teddy, Go Teddy
    Can't wait to see Teddy cross the finish line.