Thursday, 13 February 2014

New and old products...

In- R-Form...

Introducing...single sided fusible foam stabilizer!  On the label it says, "...Soft and Formable, easy to stitch, needle friendly." 

Sounds like fun - but what is it used for and/or in?  

When you make a bag or purse type items, there is a stiffener between the fabric to help give the finished product shape.  Without an interfacing or stabilizer, the fabric would be at the whim of gravity, (actually the law of gravity) and just sit there in a lump.  Making purses and bags with this type of foam allows you to sit the bag down and the sides stay up.  It also allows you to collapse or squish the bag and it 'springs' back into shape.

The 'Laminated Napped Tricot'  is a generous 58 inches wide. 

Mrs P's has precut 1 metre lengths and it is currently available for $20 plus tax for the 1 metre roll, as a special.  Cuts of less than 1 m will be priced at the regular price of $23.95/m. This is an introductory offer to help you see how the product performs in your projects.  

Valentine's Day is close at hand and Mrs P's has 'Fallen Out of Love' with some fabric! Gasp...

Selected bolts of fabric have been culled from the shelves and are on a table.  The fabric that was $9.95/m is now $6.95/m and $14.95/m or higher are $9.95/m.  Selection is limited and does include some Christmas prints.

A question to ponder....Is fabric or chocolate better on Valentine's Day?

Mrs Pugsley's Emporium inc has fabric with chocolates printed on it for those of us that cannot decide! 

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